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  1. I didn't realize the confused boat was taking off. I have a ticket, so I'm getting on too.
  2. Happy Birthday!!!

  3. I just ate like half a bag of Lays, I know I'm going to regret it.
  4. Yerba Mate>Rooibos>Kombucha tea>White tea>Black tea>Oolong tea>Green tea>Pu-erh tea> This hierarchy is based on growing conditions, common processing methods, and final preparation.
  5. I used stinging nettle, didn't work, tasted like rotten grass mixed with ass and mud.
  6. That's like telling someone that they're "A little too sure" that 2+2=4, and that they don't know what they're talking about. Does it also cause permanent blindness or just temporary as well? Here's a hint: You're beating it too much when it gets red and/or hurts......and yet it still won't cause acne. What's more likely? Answer: When a person masturbates excessively it is more likely they will develop acne (or skin problems in general) as a result of skipping meals, less sleep, g
  7. Of course it affects you and others, it just doesn't cause acne.
  8. Masturbating doesn't cause acne, in fact what's more likely is those people who see acne flares after masturbating are breaking out more (or breaking out after a clear period) due to the stress they are experiencing from worrying (or feeling guilt [a known stressor]) about masturbating causing an acne flare up. Tidbit: People have been masturbating for thousands upon thousands of years, the body is well equipped to deal with any negligible hormonal changes (or other changes in body chemistry
  9. Fridge keeps it from going rancid as fast, taking cold it fine.
  10. Aloe vera internally is overrated, great as a topical treatment though.
  11. Low temp fry in coconut oil
  12. I visited your myspace. All I have to say is COOL SONG! I downloaded it and love it:) Thanks for putting it up ;)

    "Shot up the chrome and let's swang..spark up a little bud and get blowwwwn away" :D