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  1. I had been doing them daily for about 2 weeks, then went out of town and ate normal foods and my acne flared up pretty bad again. Now that I'm back on the smoothies (only a few days) my skin is healing very rapidly and no new breakouts. I love this stuff
  2. A week ago I started going raw, so far with about 95% of my meals being raw (one day at work we had Mexican ). I've had persistent bacne for the last few years now and haven't really tried much to fix it because I hate creams and other things of that nature. Anyways, I also have been doing green smoothies, try to get one in every day. All I can say is my bacne is only red marks right now, no active spots since I started! The red marks are fading but very slowly. I think this stuff works. I'm a
  3. Funny, I found this guy's videos through another website and that's how I got started. He definitely is enthusiastic. I just started so not used to it yet, but I went to the store and bought a ton of fruits and vegetables. It is expensive if you do it often, I'll probably have to buy another large batch again in a few days if I keep up. Cleaning is a huge pain. Fortunately after I've drank the juice I'm wired with energy and usually don't mind the effort. Today I made over 2 large
  4. I've started juicing recently and have heard of the Vitamix and how well it is. Good to hear another opinion on it. I think the cost is worth it. Cheap blenders are crap. In fact cheap kitchen gadgets in general usually don't last. Anyways, keep posting about it and enjoy . Maybe I'll get one too.
  5. I'm 25 and my facial acne is pretty much gone. It was the worst for me in my early 20s when I first joined this site. I still have some bacne though...
  6. You're being extremely vague and that does no good to the mods. They need examples to work with. You provided one already and that was already shown to be a non-issue. If you can't provide examples then you're not being constructive. That's just how these like this work. I'm a mod on a very large tech forum and complaints like this pop up every once in a while. 99% of the time the person either a) didn't understand the rules fully and so it's their fault or b) they're just making things up becau
  7. Looks like you can't, unless you paste this URL in every time and change the forum ID http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...w_post&f=21
  8. I get this tooltip occasionally when hovering over a topic. Anyone else get it? Of course it doesn't work http://imgur.com/9xxAk.png I'm on Safari 4.0.1 on Mac OS X.
  9. When I eat fast food, it usually goes in and out of me fairly quickly, like 1-2 hours, unless I eat the "healthier" fast food. For example I recently had In-N-Out for the first time and had to walk home. Before I was home I was ready to output that input if you know what I mean. It happens almost every time for me, especially if I eat a lot of it. But it seems this is somewhat unique to me (no I don't go around asking everyone about this). I wonder if the rate at which we digest food affects ou
  10. Wondering if anyone else has had success with this, or it's just another random coincidence....
  11. I have this too, and it's very persistent. For a few days recently it was getting better and I can't think why it was, which is frustrating. I think it's diet related but can't pinpoint what exactly. There are a few threads around here on the same subject, but not a lot of direct success stories from what I could tell. Post back if you find anything that helps. EDIT: ok I guess I was just lazy and didn't search well enough. Check out these threads: Clearing pores, getting rid of tiny bumps, h
  12. I just moved to CA and don't know anyone outside of work. If anyone's bored PM me
  13. True, but isn't that why there's the View Topics feature in the control panel? Then again, if someone's posting in the wrong area completely I doubt they even know that feature exists...
  14. This is just a small request to have moved posts not show up in their original forum. To me it just seems to add a lot of clutter to the forums, especially with a forum such as this where there are a ton of new threads (mostly without much useful/new content). I know with other forum software (vBulletin) when moving a thread you can choose to not have the redirect show in the original forum, or to have it show temporarily. I imagine this is an option with IP.Board. What do the mods/admins think
  15. I agree, I don't discuss because it is awkward and I don't want that type of attention. The other day one of my friends complained to his wife about a tiny pimple, and I didn't even notice it at all until he pointed it out. Kind of got on my nerves.