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  1. im using something from my doc 5 pct bp, 1 pct cliny i have to say its working good on removing all my normal size pimples and clearing it all up, but in return im getting a couple really red and painful huge ones
  2. bp has removed lots of my pimples, especially small ones, and now im getting fewer, but the new pimples are hard and very painful and red and very big
  3. i cant find the big post on this using search but i remember seeing it... anyone have?
  4. it says u can carry it around and put it on/wipe with no water... is that any good? right now im just using it to wash my face but... this no water thing for some reason makes me think ill get more pimples
  5. my everywhere little zits turned into a couple huger ones which is pretty good considering i have less so my face is less red, but these things are a lot bigger then the small usual ones
  6. i once had one that was on my nose... most outragous thing after i had really hot stuff and a hot summer bbq... my thing was like prolly close to a centimeter in diameter i figured that this was not only the ugliest shit ever, but potential danger to my face to further scarring so i paid like 30 dollars at the doc for a needle, which brought it down within minutes and like gone the next day i thought it was worth it considering the size.... you should think about it too if its really really b
  7. i had a dream wher ei had no acne and everyone in the hall gave me props till a bird chirped and i woke up to the brutal reality of being not what i want
  8. i know christians with acne so FUCK GOD but then again god doesnt exist.... who is there to blame!? fuck existance?
  9. if i didnt have acne i would ask a girl out so far girls asked me out... like when i had no acne, which is like 3 years ago
  10. fuck the acne, stay in school, get a good job, make good money and all those hot mean bitches in highschool will be chasing your ass end of story
  11. spectro jel is your a fellow canadian:D spectro jel is like the cheapest in walmart....
  12. almost 17, strange thing is i wake up clear as hell, but after i wash my face ( or even just make it wet) the scars pop up like bulleyes
  13. anything from oxy pads made me break out in 1 day used before i slept, woke up with like 6 huge red swollen ones