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  1. I think Cetaphil Cleanser is the biggest joke in the world. For one, it has sodium lauryl sulfate, which always caused/aggravated my acne. It's acnegenic. For another, it doesn't really clean. You need a liquid cleanser to really clean. Those skin colored bumps full of gunk you describe---exactly what i used to get when I used Cetaphil. IMO it doesn't really get oil and dirt off of the skin. Look into a gentle liquid cleanser, like Purpose (or Clean and Clear for Sensitive Skin, which is th
  2. You answered your own question: you said in the past week you've dumped a ton of chemicals on your face. The St Ives scrub is probably the worst thing you could have used. Scrubs are very bad for acne-prone, easily irritated skin. I used to use Differin and it makes your skin very sensitive. Be gentle. Use a very gentle cleanser, preferably one without Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (I like Clean and Clear for Sensitive Skin). Avoid toners, except for maaaybe a bit of witch hazel. Find a gentle loti
  3. I use Avalon Organics shampoo, i like the Rosemary, as it lathers the best, and cleans my hair very well. Since switching to a SLS free shampoo (Nature's Gate is another brand, i use their baby shampoo on my son's hair), my acne on my forehead has gone down quite a bit. You should also look at your facial cleanser as well, though, and switch to a SLS free one, if you want to see the most improvement when you switch your shampoo. I like Jason Natural Super C Gentle Cleanser.
  4. Nuts have good fiber and fats your body needs. You don't want to eat a ton at a sitting, but a few (say six almonds or cashews) are filling and tasty, with dried fruits. Also fish (salmon, tuna, shrimp). Tofu--find baked, seasoned tofu, cut it up and heat it in a stir fry. I saw salads on your list but not cooked veggies--try a veggie stir fry (snow peas, water chestnuts, broccoli, etc) with chicken, or tofu, or shrimp. Hard boiled eggs are good snacks. Have one with some fruit for a snack.
  5. The tingling sensation is actually from the menthol--BP does not cause a tingling sensation. Many masks and cleansers use menthol to make the consumer think the product is "doing something". Menthol can be a bad irritant for sensitive-skinned people. And most people with acne have sensitive skin. Aside from that, it's a fairly decent cleanser, but the consistency is rather goopy and slimy, imho. And a previous poster was right, BP in a cleanser, or even a mask, doesn't do a heck of a lot. Th
  6. There are two types of exoliation--one is through mechanical means (a scrub, or a washcloth), which is not usually recommended for acne prone skin. This is because: 1) most scrubs on the market have rough, irregular grains (either bits of ground up plastic, or ground up walnut shells or apricot pits!), which can scratch and irritate already sensitive skin. ACNE PRONE SKIN IS SENSITIVE SKIN. 2) Washcloths, while gentler overall than a scrub, can harbor bacteria which will further exacerbate acne.
  7. I thought i'd gotten rid of all the products that were irritating my skin--then i broke out on my forehead, with the same kind of acne i used to when i used cleansers with SLS. The acne was all localized where my bangs (which i'm growing out) would brush my forehead--i use Aussie Gel to keep them in place. <p> I stopped using the Aussie gel and tried pure aloe vera gel instead. It works great to hold my hair in place while it dries, and leaves no residue. I had no idea that a styling
  8. Yep yep yep. I have seen SLS listed as a comedogenic ingredient on a list at http://www.zerozits.com/Articles/article6.htm#inglist and before i realized what was causing my acne, i'd get so frustrated trying to treat it. I had a rash-type acne, small crusty comedones that leaked clear liquid--it was actually a mild form of chloracne (an acne caused by a chemical agent, some Vietnam veterans developed this after being exposed to Agent Orange). Here are my recommendations for avoiding SLS: I
  9. Does this happen when you shampoo? It's possible that your forehead gets a 'double dose" of SLS from the Cetaphil AND your shampoo. My allergic acne was always on my temples and forehead until i switched to SLS free shampoos. My lower face never had the problem with the allergic acne, even though i used cleanser there too, shampoos often have higher levels of SLS, and are harsher.
  10. Acne is a chronic condition, you're right in that there is no "cure" but there is treatment. Dan's regimen is a treatment to keep acne under control. If i slip up and stop applying BP at least once a day, my acne will come back. But if i do the regimen, my acne stays in control. "Cure" implies that we'll never have to do anything with our skin again. That is a fallacy. I hate the book "Acne Cure" because it implies that you do something, *poof* no worries anymore. Bullshit. You do have to tak
  11. If you want a gentle scrub-type exfoliation, i recommend baking soda. It's gentler than most any storebought scrub, because the "grains" are very small and smooth (unlike most scrubs which have ground up plastic, or apricot pits, walnut shells, etc and are jagged pieces that can scratch the skin). Just mix a small amount of baking soda with your cleanser, or just use the baking soda on your wet, clean skin. Rub VERY gently, and rinse very well and pat dry.
  12. Have you tried a cleanser that does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate? I ask because for years i thought i had typical acne, when it turned out i was sensitive (highly so) to SLS, a detergent that is present in most shampoos and skin cleansers and soaps. i switched to a SLS free cleanser, and i have less oiliness as well as fewer breakouts. i'm not saying it's the cause of your acne, but it could be contributing to your skin's sensitivity and dryness. The phrases "non comedogenic", and "de
  13. I looked at this list http://www.zerozits.com/Articles/article6.htm#inglist and several waxes were listed, however, none of them have comedogenic (pore clogging) properties. I have never noticed my pores getting clogged with this product, either. Not all waxes or oils are pore clogging; jojoba oil, for instance, is very much like the oil secreted by our own skin, and does not clog pores. Seems odd, but it's true.