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  1. Hi all, Just wanted to inform you that I've been on accutane 4 months now. Acne is almost gone, but their are LOTS of red marks, hopefully they'lll fade in time. Upcoming pictures tomorrow @ "accutane second time"
  2. Hi all, I'm having a difficult time to accept my bacne scars. They are very severe. They were left after my first accutane treatment and has not improved since that. Because of this I've been depressed for the last 5 years....I hate to take my shirt off and I don't know how to cope with this. Are there any treatments for these kind of scars? I have them on both of my shoulderblades/upper trapezius area. It's so hard to accept, I know I have to, but it's so hard...I feel ugly... Best regar
  3. maggan

    Day 61

    Hi you guys - guess what?? It's been 2 months now. A few cysts/pimples, but I definitely see an improvement. But the hardest part It's a challenge just getting to work. The sun's working that's for sure! One has to go with the cap or you'll be fried. We had 20 degrees here in Scandinavia today, and I felt it real bad. Oh wait, it's just April. Shit, when June/July arrives and we'll get up above 30 degress, well, then I'm joining Hell to say hello to mr Diaaaaaaablo...Hot Hot Hot!! But as a
  4. maggan

    Day 41

    Hey hey, Haven't written in a few days. Increased the dose to 60mg last Friday. Still dry skin and redness. Roaccutane continues to keep the acne from popping out.. I get nothing. Unbelievable. Hope that everything continues that way. I will see my dermatologist in about 6 weeks and increase my dose to 80mg/day to make sure the acne does not come back after the complete course peace
  5. maggan

    Day 37

    Hi all, I'm upgraded to 60mg/day. My blood sample was perfect!! Nothing to complain about. New pics will be uploaded tomorrow. Have a great weekend!
  6. maggan

    Day 28

    hi bubsbug, sorry for my late reply, but thank you for crossing your fingers. I'll be crossing them for you too :)Today it's my 37th day and I'm still improving Time for some non alcoholic beer
  7. maggan

    Day 30

    Cyst...coming right up!! Accutane, kill it, kill it...anyway things are going well now, the small cyst is gone within a few days. I don't think accutane give up without a fight. It's in my body, my blood, my veins, it's everywhere, you cannot win, stupid cyst. Weekend now and I'm off work in just an hour buying some non-alcoholic beer . I've noticed that, although it's non-alcoholic beer, I get that happy feeling. The placebo effect actually works. It's just like my brain is thinking. Oh boy
  8. maggan

    Day 28

    ok....haven't written in a while, but I've got a good reason. Because I find no words. It really works. It really works!! Fu--ing amazing. And it's only been 28 days. My macules, developed during 10 years of constant breakouts may finally have some rest and recover from the battle. And you know what? I have 180 days to go - looooong time for healing!! In 8 days I've not had a single cyst. Nothing. Not one. Nada. Good night!!
  9. maggan

    Day 23

    I have just one thing to say. I've not had a single cyst for 3 days now.
  10. maggan

    Day 22

    New pics are up. My skin feels better today and only 22 days has passed. I'm still dry though, but it's not uncomfortable. No new outbreaks (cross my fingers). Please let this be forever and continue to heal. Heal. Heal. Heal.
  11. maggan

    Day 21

    Old breakout is healing. Old scars are shown, but I've read that when using accutane old and new scars become more visable resulting from the disapperance of the acne. When face is covered with acne the scars are not noted until acne is cured. That's right, but when having acne you almost always just think about all red cysts and pimples, when these fade, left behind are all the scars. If I can understand me correctly (which is difficult sometimes) it's not the acne that I'm having a hard t
  12. maggan

    Day 20

    I've got 4 new cysts on my neck. Oily face and in a couple of hours it's time for shaving....not looking forward to it... Very dry eyes. Feels like Im going to get a new breakout. Please accutane, do you job now, do it, "just do it". I don't want to have more scars. It seems like every little dot leaves this grey/dark/red shadow along my yaw. If I take my hand and drag my skin up a little the scars disappears so hopefully, in the future, Im able to laser them and have my skin stretched out.
  13. maggan

    Day 19

    Day 19 with 40mg accutane. My skin is dry, pimples come and go, old ones are healing, still redness on marks. It seems like I'm getting more visible dark scars now than before..? Don't know why. Difficulty shaving. Hopefully my acne will decrease and my scars will start to heal. Accutane is my last option, because breakouts on breakouts and breakouts on healing scars is not good for the skin.
  14. Hi all, I'm 26 years old and I'm having a hard time with my acne. I've been on everything and now it is like a xxxxxxx hell. My family keeps telling me that it doesn't show, that I need to stop focusing on these scars, acne etc etc. I can't shave. I get scars after every single bump. My skin is very sensitive. It feels like I'm just sitting around and letting my skin destroy itself. I'm afraid being on accutane again because last time it made the acne 100% worse within 6 months... But maybe a