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  1. probably the softest ive used yet, and doesnt seem to be shedding at all. and ive narrowed it down to 3/5 of the sample shades that seem to suit me. so far i like them. still, im wondering about meow cosmetics since so many of you love them.
  2. yeah i ordered it, expecting to be blown away because its so expensive. i didnt like it. the coverage wasn't anything like they advertised. the foundation smelled like latex house paint. the nozzle on the bottle that it came in got stuck in the down position. it matched my skin decently atleast but still it wasnt anything i was willing to spend a hundred dollars on.
  3. li blowdry my hair every time i shower, and i shower about every other day. my 2nd day hair is the best because my hair is quite dry so when i first wash it, despite conditioner and products, its got this airy out-of-control lightness to it. once my natural oils step in and calm it down it works with me much better. sometimes ill use my flat/curling iron but not often. i use frizz-ease finishing creme to lay down the frizzies that stick up and shine my hair.
  4. lol..youre making me want to order samples but i think ill wait for my aubreynicole samples to come before i go ordering more samples.
  5. purpose liquid cleanser. i love it because it cleans well and its so gentle i can scrub my mascara right off my eyes with it, no ouchies.
  6. maybe ill try complex 15..ive been looking for a go to moisturizer ever since eucerin decided to snip their inventory. right now im using clean&clear oil-free oxygenating ultra-light moisturizer with spf 15. (what a mouthful) its okay, i dont like the fact that its light blue in color (like the packaging) because thats just stupid and unneccesary un-natural product and dyes. it rates about a 7/10 for me because it does moisturize pretty well, and its pretty light weight as promised.
  7. lol, i just remembered that i one read that if you forgot your blotting sheets at home and youre feeling thrifty, the sanitary toilet seat covers will also do the trick
  8. lol, i used to use these things. i got sick satisfaction out of seeing the area where the oil got soaked up. eventually i became cheap though, and just resorted to a light dusting of powder to hide my gloss.
  9. your "ex" is a jackass and if he cant see past a few spots you are better off without him. dont take when he said to heart, it sounds like he was just saying the meanest thing possible purely for shock value. i think the sooner you stop obsessing over your face, the sooner you'll start to look and feel better. have you tried the apple cider vinegar/baking soda regimen? it worked pretty well for me but it might hurt a little if you have active acne (the vinegar). anyhow, in my case it seemed
  10. how do you like AN? looking at their palette online it didnt seem that they had very many pale shades and were more focused on the medium/tanner skintones
  11. how many mineral makeups do you guys have going on right now? ive got full size everyday minerals that i *thought* i liked, but lately feel like theyre too pale and chalky for me. i have sample sizes from everyday minerals to try out some other shades. i have sample sizes from oceanmist that i cant really decide if i like or not. i have some baggies lying around from somewhere...joppa, or something, they're not labeled with a company and i didnt really bother using them anyhow. and i just o
  12. a friend of mine used to use the whipped/mousse foundations. i imagine they cover well because its so thick. just sayin..
  13. are you on accutane? i mean, theres always a possibility of it breaking you out, cause hey, you never know, and everyone is different. but it shouldnt. check out the scar/redmarks forum if you want, they're the ones probably talking about ACV the most and you can get a better idea of how it affects more people. good luck either way!
  14. im redheaded, and i have fair skin with pinkish undertones im still trying to find that perfect mineral shade, so for now im using maybelline pure makeup in porcelain ivory to balance it out. im also using everyday minerals in fair but its still not quite right.
  15. i dont know why you dont want to use it on your face..it worked well for me. i took ACV at mixed it with water at about a 50/50 ratio..maybe a little less. then you just apply it like a toner, with a cotton ball and what not. as for drinking it, never done it, but i think its about one tablespoon per cup. good luck if you can handle anymore than that..i hear its absolutely awful.
  16. hehe..your hair looks so silky. i ahve to say..i like the haircut better
  17. 1) congrats!! 2) and id suggest getting your makeup professionally done, just for the sake of your wedding day cause its all about you. redness can be covered up, but everyone knows you cant flatten out a bump (though ive heard some wacky suggestions which your MU artist might actually know).
  18. oh dont let them bother you. acne is SO common, you might as well just get it out of the way and tell them youre looking for something with good coverage that won't aggravate your acne. just laugh and smile about it. no sweat. and if they're being snobs then just say thanks but no thanks and walk away.
  19. Lol, me neither It simply looks... not good, and with liquid I'm HOPELESS! And black is too dramatic for me as well. My mascara and stuff is brown me too. ive found that brown mascara is hard to find (for me anyway). i gotta find a mary kay rep. sometime because i once ordered some mascara from a co-worker (just to help her out sort of thing)..and it was REALLY great mascara..havent found one i like better since. its mary kay "signature".
  20. sometimes i worry that my red hair enhances any super red spots i may have on my face
  21. nope...and my hair usually looks like a wreck. poor mom gets to see the real me on those saturday mornings