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  1. you can always find a shade which is closest to your skintone and it'll look pretty natural...
  2. maybe you can put on abit of makeup.covermark is great ya can check it out~
  3. is any of these available in sg ?>thanks~! Klaron, Novacet, Sulfacet-R
  4. anyone knows where to get bp gel in sg?the one rec in dan regimen...TIA~!
  5. hihi i'm an asian too is that a concealer kind of thing?is it long lasting?thks!
  6. hi everybody i am from singapore and i cant seem to find glycolic acid here..so are there anybody who is interested in selling their glycolic acid?please kindly pm me and i am willing to pay for the postage..thanks..
  7. does this regimen get rids of acne marks? thanks..
  8. hi i am interested in the 70% peel and i am from singapore.Are you willing to sell it to me?i am willing to pay for the postage.