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  1. hey should i moiturize the burnt area, it was blistering and now it went down and has gotten dry, i really dont want my skin to peel so i thought maybe moiturizing it would help
  2. im off accutain now, but when i was on it i had to use an electric razor because using a regular one irritated my skin to much and caused razor burn
  3. thanks alot for ur reply Duchess, yea i havent been using anthing to wash my face, just cold water like u said, and lots of aloe vera, and ive been holding off on shaving so my face will have a litle more time to heal before i aggrivate it with a razor
  4. marinesguy


    ok i had to go to some Marine Corp thing and i was out in the sun for about....6-7 hours with no clouds, just pure Texas sun, so obviously i got pretty burnt, its on my nose, forehead and just under my eyes, was woundering how long it will take for this to heal up, it stings pretty bad, im trying to keep aloe vera on it none stop. will this really effect me with breakouts and my red marks, because ive been zit free for about 2-3 months now and im hoping i didnt screw it up, even though there re
  5. ive been hearing that 100% is the way to go, i got mine in a pretty big bottle for like $7, but you can try that stuff and see if it helps
  6. hmm, wait a couple of weeks and post your findings with the new zinc diet marino, if things go well with you i will try it, i dunno i might go buy some zinc tablets tomorrow or something
  7. they sell cotton pads at the store that have different firmness and texture to them to help with exfoliating
  8. if the hair sticking out is pluckable you might consider plucking it out and just leaving the thing alone after that
  9. ^ lol.... some people find using a washcloth to harsh for their skin, i know when i still had acne using a washcloth it hurt my skin more then it helped, but like most people i was desperate and was willing to try anything.
  10. what connection with zinc and red marks are you trying to make?
  11. i was browsing around and i found this older topic and i was woundering, i have no active acne anymore, just redness from about 3-4 month old acne... will this also help with that kind of redness?
  12. i'd seach around on the internet and do a little research about each one to figure out which is best
  13. yea ive been working out almost everyday now that im off accutain, and im starting to take some vitamins to help my skin out and use aloe vera and stuff, but as for washing i only use a bar of soap before i go to bed and rinse my face with water when i wake up, hopefully ill be fully recovered in about 2-3 months