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  1. that's the thing i have sent an email already... and it's been about 4 days going on 5. Still no answer from anyone. =O
  2. I would actually go with good looking but with acne. The thing is if i am good looking i would not want a girl to fall for me because of my looks. I want someone to actually noticed me as a human being on the inside and not just the outside. I know that some people would see the acne and be disgusted but if they are disgusted then are they worth it? I don't think so, i would rather take my time to build a relationship with someone so they could understand me more and vice versa. But thats just
  3. Long story short i was trying to order more lotions online through dan's website. When i used my Visa it said error, so i used my mastercard and it said the same thing. Frustrated i tried check and that went through, but when i check my bill online for both card i have a $23.22 charge. It said something like this: DANIEL KERN, INC. SAN FRANCISCO 01 for the Visa it's there 3 times and for the Mastercard it's on there twice. I don't know whats going on but i don't like the fact that i'm losing
  4. Now i can walk around without a shine everyday. I have VERY oily skin and i usually sue 2 sheets when i wipe the oil. But yeah its very good. I just wanna know if they cause more pimples. Becasue im starting to get pimples on my cheeks which i never get and it happens a week after i use the sheets.
  5. FOr me ifi dont use BP for a week and i reapply my usuall dosage my skin turns red....nothing major though. But you know what it sure helps get rid of acne...
  6. Whenever i overdo the regimen the BP makes my skin screams and pop out new pimples...but thtas just me though....
  7. Hey is that a mosquito bite on your face? followed by Why do you have soo much mosquito bite on your face? Me: I was mowing the lawn....>_>
  8. I have mild acne and im losing my hair...oh woe is me!
  9. I had a deep voice when i was about 13 but you know it doesnt really matter. Cuz i hated my deep voice until i was well into high school. Now im a senior. The less you think about something the less it will bother you.
  10. U never know unless you start talking to them. Hey man acne is just superficial its what on the inside.
  11. http://www.myspace.com/itzcashew Yeah thats my new myspace, my artist one so yeah i have like 3 songs on there. Imma upload more later when i have the time. But tell me what you guys think. And i know that some of you don't like rap but i would appreciate it if you guys don't flame just because you dont like rap. But i hope you guys leave some feedback. Thanks.
  12. Thnxs for your support. When i was writing this i poured my heart out to my ex who left me because i wasn't "good enough" for her. *sigh* =(
  13. You Have Low Self Esteem 60% of the Time While you sometimes feel good about yourself, you tend to struggle a little with self esteem issues. It's not about changing who you are, it's about accepting your faults. You just need to be less critical and demanding of yourself! How is Your Self Esteem? http://www.blogthings.com/howisyourselfesteemquiz/ ehhh sounds about right