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  1. hello i just received Dan's moisturizer about 3 days ago and i like it soo far but does anyone think it smells like Cinnamon kinda i don't know if it's just me but i think it has a scent to it...thanks!
  2. Can anyone tell me what a good mask would be good to use on sensetive, mild acne skin? Thanks....
  3. Well i went to the doc on a Monday and he told me i could start it that day and it would be ok and i was on my period i was 4 days into my period...So does that mean it wont be effective until a month or so....Cause my b/f hasnt pulled out sometimes i hope i dont get pregnant.....
  4. I the pill effective right away or does it take some time?
  5. Thanks for your help guys....So far no break outs it's been 3 days...
  6. My face has gotten so much clearer from the dip process it's incredible.....I recieved my new cleanser today so im gonna try it tonite see how things go i should be gettin my mineral makeup soon i ordered them the same day hopefully tomorrow....
  7. If you go on MarioBadescu.com they have a lot of beauty things....I like the drying lotion it works for me if u have one zit put that on over night wake up and it's usaully gone or at least smaller.....Since ive been doin this dippin process i havent been breaking out. I have about 2 or 3 active zits but their small can't tell their there.....but if i would happen to get a breakout i will use the drying lotion....
  8. I use the Olay Lotion for Sensetive Skin i love it doesnt break me out and moisturizes great....
  9. Why are some of the pills different colors? Towards the end of the pack their are like green ones....Anyone know?
  10. I'm on the generic ortho-tricyclen as well..I've been doin the new dippin regimen i love it it has really improved my skin.....and it's only been a few days
  11. Went to the Doctor today and got on birth control cause im sexual active but maybe it will help my skin a bit....Does it make u gain weight?
  12. I have been on the CSR for a few months now and it's helped me alot but i wanted to try this cleanser that i saw on Mariobadescu.com it's called Botanical Facial Gel here are the ingredients tell me if these are ok.... Ingredients: Deionized Water, Glycerin, Carbomer, Trithanolamine, Methylparaben, Botanical Extract, Germall. Let me know thanks guys.....
  13. I just went and looked up everyday minerals and i found a free kit u can try the different foundations and blushes and things its pretty cool so i only had to pay for shipping. I will just give it a try to see how it works, cause i was also goin to order bare minerals im glad i didnt.....