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  1. Here is my problem, I use the Eucerin skin renewal face lotion with spf15 and love it for a day or two. It makes my face look smooth and moisturized. But I start to notice that it feels a little itchy and then I develop these cyst like acne on my mouth area. So I stop and start on Neutrogena's sensitive oi-free lotion. It is safe but it doesn't do a good job moisturizing, it feels like it just sits there on my face. So then a week or two later I think hmmmmmm maybe Eucerin lotion wasn't what cau
  2. b24k, ahn young! How did you know? Anyway thanks for your response! I guess I will continue on and try not to get discouraged. It is very encouraging to see people who have had significant progress and stuck with it. I hope I can be one of those people too.
  3. This will be 1 month and a week that I am on the regimen. Overall it has kept me "stablized". Around week 3-4 I broke out between my eyebrows of all places! lol That has now cleared and now the area around my mouth is breaking out and I have a few big ones on the side of my left cheek! Argh!!!! I wash with Cetephil cleaner gently every morning and night. I apply lots of bp gel after 5 mins. Then I wait 15-30 mins and apply Eucerin moisturizer. What more can I do? I'm not giving up quite yet bec
  4. I usually wait 15-30 mins. before I moisturize just because I get catch up in doing something else....like internet, tv, phone, etc.... BTW I just got my Eucerin Daily Renewal face lotion today. It's not bad, it def. helps with any flakiness. It's weird though, I was using Neutrogena's face mositurizer for sensitive skin which is like a thick lotion. The Eucerin, however, is liquidy and has a totally different texture...sort of greasy but in a good way. I like it though!
  5. I think I initially cleared up but now I'm breaking out in a few spots. I'm on week three. I started having some doubt bc of the breakout BUT it's such an easy regimen that I will just do it.
  6. I've never had one. There seems to be so many types, which one should I get? Do they help?
  7. I just wanted to say that I totally know what you are going through. When I was a teenager and even in college my face always was so shiny and produced alot of oil. I would be mortified when I would look in the bathroom mirror and see it gleeing back at me!! One thing taht I did back then was over wash and over medicate my face thinking it helped but I think its obvious that your body just overcompensates and produces more oil!!! I would just follow a gentle but acne fighting program like Dan's
  8. Hands down, get Dan's bp gel. It's not as drying and it absorbs in the skin with no white residue. I was just like you and started with Neutrogena on the spot and love using the new gel now.
  9. Hi Poker-butt, nice avatar! lol In my opinion, I don't think it really matters if you wait 15mins. to an hour later to apply bp. I think the main thing is that you want your face to be dry and clean. I have probably waited up to a half hour before. But who knows, why is it exactly 15 mins. anyway?!!!
  10. Thank you!!! I'm looking forward to that " remarkablely clear skin" that Dan speaks of!!!! Good luck to you too! Heck YES I applied moisturizer!!!!!!!!! I applied and applied and applied. But I still expereinced major dryness and irratation. But that's old news now that I use the gel 2.5 bp. Yay!
  11. I know it's only a temporary effect from bp accidently getting on the area but I really need an effective eye cream that really works. I was using L'Oreal eye cream but it feels like it just sits there and doesn't really moisturize. Any luck or advice?
  12. I'm Korean and have no problem. The only thing is it drys the crap out of your face and the first few weeks I think its normal to have reddness, dryness, etc...
  13. My experience with it has been bad. It made my skin really itchy and I wanted to scratch my face all day. I think it was due to the mica in it. I try to avoid that at all cost. On tv, you can see sort of a "glow" on the faces after they apply it. Well when I put it on my face, it made it really shiny looking like my face was oily. I would have to say that it did cover fairly well and the concept is pretty cool. It wasn't for me but if your interested you can always get samples on ebay just try i
  14. The same thing happened to me. I noticed that my skin tone darkened a shade or two. very weird.
  15. with Dan's bp gel! I started the regimen two weeks ago and have used Neutrogena on the spot which made my face so dry. I seriously couldn't smile or talk after I would wash and put that stuff on. Yesterday I recieved Dan's gel and it is such a nice change! I think my acne is clearing up a little bit, my face it alot smoother but I think it's too early to tell. I just hope this really works!