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  1. Currently I'm using Neutrogena BP, and man is it getting pricey. I mean I love my skin, it's like 90% clear, but I was wondering if there is anyone out there who has been doing the regimen on Neutrogena, and then switched to Dan's gel. Was the transition smooth? Any "bad" periods before it got better? I love the regimen, I would just hate to relapse into a breakout because I changed something. So scared the acne will return!! Thanks everyone.
  2. I get cystic acne on my cheeks, but luckily the regimen has worked for me. At night I blob a big gob of BP on the cyst, not sure if it helps or not. Sometimes I wonder if I'm suffocating the zit instead of letting it breathe. Owww I hate them, they hurt like bruises
  3. this might sound gross, but vaseline is the bomb ass moisturizer. Just make sure you massage it in and make sure it absorbs
  4. I live in canada and I buy the neutrogena OTS bp. It runs reg price $9 here, but I always manage to catch it on sale at London Drugs and load up. I might be interested in ordering Dan's bp in the future though. Agreed the price can get up there though
  5. I agree with the dairy thing. I don't know if it makes a diff of what ethnicity you are, but I'm asian. I used to drink milk, but switched to soy milk cuz reg milk made me gassy. I didn't think dairy had anything to do with my skin, but when I changed to soy milk, I still ate cheese. I've since cut that out, and I can only tolerate it in really small amounts. Now I notice whenever I eat cheese in large amounts (pizza, casseroles, nachos-stuff that's not great for you anyways) my face erupts. So
  6. is it the egg mask that's making your guys' skin soft? cuz I'm just doing the baking soda/acv in the morning, and I'm not really noticing any diff in the softness of my skin. I think the red marks are fading a bit, but that could just be me being really really hopeful! It's been 3 days and I'm diluting 1:6.
  7. sure it gets pricey, but I don't think you can put a price on clear skin. i know I would do anything to be clear *sigh*
  8. I jsut started this today, I really hope it works. I couldn't find red cider vinegar at my grocery store, so I got apple cider vinegar instead. Works the same right? The bottle says it has 5% acid. And I got paranoid about the vinegar killing my skin so I diluted it 1:10. I'll slowly increase it, but I love this forum!! Everyone is so supportive. Let's pray for an acne free world!
  9. do you live in a big or small city? I live in canada too, and I've been finding lately that it's realy hard to scare up a supply of Neutrogena on the Spot!! Sometimes London Drugs has it, but you have to go to the acne section, or sometimes they keep it in with their facial cleansers section. I use Cetaphil, and Neutrogena SPF 15 Oil Free Moisture. If you check around, you should have no prob finding the right products. London Drugs, Shoppers Drug Mart, Wal Mart, Zellers etc. Hope this helps
  10. Hey, I've been on the regimen for about a year now, and it has worked wonders for me. Except sometimes I get lazy and only do it once a day. Now I've relapsed into breakout out BAD!! Like there's 8 zits (the ones that hurt!) in about a square inch of my cheek, and some dispersed on my chin. Has anyone experienced a breakout while still on the regimen? Now I've started to do it twice a day again. I got lazy cuz I had to wake up early for school Thanks!
  11. CHEESE makes me break out like crazy, so I avoid it. Good thing I'm not one of those cheese lovers!
  12. I used the regimen for 8 months and was totally clear, so I thought I had grown out of it. So I slowly started to phase the BP out and subsequently spend all summer fighting another massive 4 months of acne. I started the regimen again and it took 2 months for it to really clear up, and now I'm NEVER going off BP again!!
  13. Yes, tell him about this site and he can explore it as much as he likes privately. I know the Regimen has helped me soooo much, and the "Emotional and Psych FX" board has gotten me through rough times. Sometimes as an acne sufferer you feel isolated and alone, and you just want to seclude yourself. Knowing that other people go through the same emotions helped my healing process. Hope this helps, and things turn around for him.
  14. yah when I was 10ish, I would get zit like bumps on my knees. I'm not sure if it was acne, but I would try and squeeze the pus out of them, not knowing any better. They're gone now, and I'm fighting the battle on my face. I get some rogue zits in obscure parts of my body sometimes, like on my ass, and even one in my armpit like every 3 months.
  15. and I'm soooooooo happy with the results of the Regimen!! I experienced a big breakout in week 4ish, but I def started to notice a massive turnaround in week 7. Now I only get about 1-2 zits a week, and they're pretty small. I gob on the BP at night and they've come to a head by morning and are mostly gone. Now all I have to deal with is the scarring. I'm trying the tape method, just started that 3 days ago and I do it every other night. It's too early to tell the effects of that, but I've go