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  1. Thank you very much. You seem to be correct, but I'll ask my derm anyway.
  2. My prescription reads "TAKE 1 CAP BY MOUTH EVERY OTHER DAY ALTERNATE WITH 2 CAPS EVERY OTHER DAY" Now I'm assuming this means I should take one capsule of Monday, 2 capsules on Wednesday, 1 capsule on Friday, 2 capsules on Sunday, and so on. Is this correct? Thank you for the help.
  3. Weird, my derma said it generic accutane would cost about what you're stating. Canada here I come...
  4. I had an apointment with a dermatologist today. Luckily I live near 10 dermatolists so it took me 2 minutes to get there. The office was nice and the staff was friendly. After filling out a few forms I met with the dematologist and he started asking some questions. How long I'm been suffering from acne, what kind of medications have a used, any allergies- that kind of stuff. I then ask him about accutane and he tells me info. that I've already read from this site. It would be good for my c
  5. Well so far I've found InfoDerm which does a good job of locating dermatologists. However I'm having a hard time determining any more information about these dermatologists.
  6. A little background first. Suffering form acne since puberty mainly on my T-zone. When I hit 18 yrs old my acne started to clear up until my cheeks and the sides of my face started getting hit HARD. Strangely my T-zone and nose usually stayed clear. I tried the Murad treatment (1.5% salicylic acid) for about a year. It worked in slightly decreasing my acne for about the first couple months, but the following ten months proved to be fruitless. I spent about 9 months depressed until I found