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  1. Hi Jan, I've been reading the post and I really want to try it out. I've the characteristic that you mentioned. I started having very mild acne when I was about 18 (on my nose), went to see a doctor, he put me on antibiotics and retina. It went away for some time, then it came back. now 7 years down the road... I wish I could stay at home that day. Recently, there is a major eruption, the doctor put me on antibiotics again (I'm still on retina). I'm thinking of finishing the antibiotics, while q
  2. Hi everyone, I'm new to this site, wish I found it sooner. I've been using Retina-A for more than I think 5 years (what am I doing!?) I'm now 26. It did clear me up for the first year, and then on and off a week or two. But recently, I don't remember being free of breakouts anymore. I'm thinking of trying the regime but I'm contemplating whether to start or to stick with Retina-A. Could Retina-A be used with BP? My current regime consist of no mositurizing stuff. Simply washing 2-3 times a day