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  1. i have slight melasma spot on my forehead. I got a prescription for renti-A micro and i used the samples i got but it made my acne worse and i dont have bad acne, so i didnt get the get a subscription since i dont have health insurance. I been thinking is tri-luma better? will it make my skin break out as bad?
  2. i have very light on my forehead. Not very visiable yet but i notice it and i dont want to get worse. I went to the dermentalogist. and he gave me renti-a micro. and i break out bad when i use this so i stopped. Becuase i never had bad acne . I was gonna go back and see what else they have but wanna see if theres anything over the counter.
  3. I wouldnt be using Retina micro on my acne just on that spot, you think i should try it? i dont have bad acne and I dont want to use it and break out really bad. How bad was your acne when you used retina mirco
  4. My doctor prescribed me Clindagel for acne, I have light acne. and Retina Micro for Melasma ( I have a slight darker pigmination on my forhead, its about an inch in radius so not big, but I notice it. Should I try using Retina Micro? it seems lot of people have used it and broke out worse and it has left scarring. is it worth trying? I
  5. Our insurence doesnt cover it, how much does it usally cost for the visit (going the first time) without the perscription?
  6. it worked then a month goes by and no i put it on still same as before and it does nothing, my face broke out , does anyone esle have it just seem to stop working?
  7. I got it, it comes with a tube of cream and Some AM and PM Pills. the tube of cream has 5% benzoyl peroxide
  8. i know that it wont be fast. I mean something that you can see some results in a week or two.
  9. in our newspaper last year they had an arcticle about acne and said to try using egg yolk. Get a egg and just get the yellow yolk with a spoon or someting and put the egg yolk in a glass and put the yolk on your face and let it sit for 20 minutes (until it dries) and wash off I been doing that and it does work better then alot of stuff i have tried, i dont do it alot cause it takes time. But if my face breaks out bad i do it and overnight it seems to help my face. I just wonder whats in th
  10. i was wondering what acne products seem to work the best and fastest?
  11. I just started using Natures cure the Pill and the Cream, and just came across this site. When Starting does your face really break out bad at first? Does it work good and how long till you start seeing your face clearing