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  1. sara p spammer

  2. I guess. If you like...trees.

  3. from what i hear its pretty nice over there.

  4. :) I don't know why anyone would ever move here.
  5. a friend of the family just moved to newtown. reminded me of you.

  6. Donny Osmond. I don't know why.

  7. whos the guy in your avatar?

  8. who do you think you are making a thread in the MEN forum
  9. i thought you asked "Best bukkake?"
  10. There's probably a lot. But I'll be a good student for you.

  11. anything else you want to throw on the list of things i need to teach you to do?

  12. Not really one of my stregnths but it's been done.

  13. can you throw a frisbee?