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  1. they sell stuff like actimel in the US, look in the yogurt section for little bottles of liquidy yogurt stuff... i think danimals has one and there's one for grownups too lol
  2. only if you're willing to have an abortion should you get preggers.
  3. my derm told me it's not a big deal as long as i don't binge drink [she made it clear that this meant drinking to the point where i throw up, three or four drinks in a row is not binge drinking] and as long as i dont drink more than a few times a week.
  4. cool...i'll try that. thanks! has anyone ever used those tiiiny eyebrow razers? a lot of girls at my old school used to use them, and i wanted to but then decided it was a bad idea because i know i'd keep shaving more and more off lol, and end up w/ no eyebrows. my obsession is bad lol. anyway, ever used one?? i've only ever tweezed. when i first wanted to shape my eyebrows, i had a professional shape them with tweezers, and i've done them myself since then. i don't trust anyone else! i
  5. i remember using oxy pads back in the day but i dont remember if it was my first product... ughhh i can still smell those things like it was yesterday, they stank!
  6. ok so i've been wondering about this pencil business...it's all well and good if you have black eyebrows but how in the hell do you find the right color for blonde eyebrows [mine are dark blond, sliiightly darker than my hair] without it being that terrible orangy color that i see on old women??
  7. is diannette 'stronger' or higher dose than other pills or something? how does yasmin compare?
  8. once it starts bleeding it's kind of a vicious cycle and won't stop. it can't heal because it keeps getting irritated. don't blow your nose or pick it! and once you break the cycle of re-opening cuts or whatever causes nose bleeds, it'll heal and won't bleed anymore.
  9. what happens when someone has too much vit e?
  10. so they have a list of medications that only specialists are allowed to prescribe or what?
  11. isn't the egg-juice mixture slimy and gooey like an egg?! :hand: