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  1. Sorry to sound crude but I crap like a race horse and I break out. My sister is eternally constipated and has flawless skin.
  2. You were right. I went to washing twice daily over the last couple of days and I can already tell the redness and bumps are going away. Damn sebum is a bitch. Its like my skin craves the regimen and without out goes to the shits.
  3. I reduced from washing twice a day to once a day and then avoided washing my skin for a couple days because it was so red and flaky. With the rest away from the washing it was more red and more flaky.
  4. Just started using this cream yesterday on some dry patches and seems to be fairly effective. I here that its useful on blemishes as well but haven't used it on them yet. Anyone try this stuff before? http://www.vitacost.com/Bach-Flower-Remedi...#ProductReviews
  5. Wow I can't believe what the human body is capable of producing. I've never heard of a case like that before. I wish the guy all the best. It would be amazing if that doctor could actually reverse the process.
  6. zelio78


    I have the same issue. I just keep a beard year round put trim it close. Is your beard so long that you don't even wash your face? If so, it could be that the razor is removing the dead layers of skin that have built up over that period of time you it grew out only to reveal the marks under deeper layers of skin.
  7. I use gillette sensor excel and wouldn't dare try any other. I believe its also the same razor recommended by Dan himself.
  8. I used to wash my face with DKR twice daily, one morning and one night. I found that my face was 90% clear but I would feel very dry and the acne that I did get would be of the cystic variety. I reduced it to once a day and though my red marks seem to have faded and dryness decreased in some areas it would increase in others! I even tried washing my face every couple of days with the DKR and just using water in between with moisturizer (complex 15). I've found that I've broken out with tiny
  9. Similar experience here as well. Only seemed to promote more breakouts and further redness in areas I had no problems with to start.
  10. All of these horror stories of using steroid creams on the face has got me in a panic. I've been using 1% hydrocortisone cream on a few eczema patches for no more than a week and it has done the trick. However, I've noticed some redness and scaling in a couple areas I used the cream. Its usually right after I shower and when I apply heavy amounts of complex 15 the redness seems to subside after an hour and my skin returns to normal. I even used the cream on a couple breakouts a had. At firs
  11. I have grown a full beard as a result of all the marks and my skin has improved immensely. I still wash my face with the DKR cleanser and then tone it was Reversa solution for acne prone skin that contains 8% glycolic acid. My skin has made a complete turn around under my beard. Now if only the rest of my face would do the same.
  12. Thanks for the advice Bill. I have begun taking Zinc supplements this weekly ironically. I'm currently at 50mg and thinking if I should increase it to 100mg. Any harm in that?