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  1. Hi there I have recently (past 6 months) found myself a new victim of rosacea. I self diagnosed and researched products on the internet and found a brand called 'osmosis' I am currently using their cleanser, 'calm' serum which includes retinal and then moisturiser. Today I went to the doctor who prescribed me Rozex (metronidazole) gel. It says to apply to skin morning and night. Do I keep using my osmosis serum? In which order do I apply all my products? Many thanks
  2. This got rid of my acne and left my skin burn free and silky smooth - all whilst looking stylish meheheh I love it. good ol ebay.
  3. I agree that it gets off the grime we can't see, I love witch hazel and it does a great job.
  4. bangersNmash

    Oh lord

    My acne was even worse! It is a long and tiring struggle but you will win as hard as that is to believe at this point in time. All my strength to you. Oh and I know everybody always compliments everybody elses eyes but yours really are a super colour! Hugs. J.
  5. From the album: puuure vanity baby

    but really, in all seriousnesssss...
  6. From the album: puuure vanity baby

    Blurred and arrrriving at big metal destination
  7. bangersNmash


    From the album: puuure vanity baby

    A little moment of shock/surprise.
  8. From the album: puuure vanity baby

    the main photo untouched up as of yet
  9. From the album: puuure vanity baby

    women take sooo long to get ready
  10. From the album: puuure vanity baby

    need the oh so classic upper lip beauty spot
  11. From the album: puuure vanity baby

    I know they arent acne pics but bah. A girl likes to be messily styled once in a while. to all
  12. I adore the origional Dior Diorshow mascara, it makes my eyelashes look long and full and can make them look really dramatic if I'm on a night out The price tag is quite expensive though and some drug store mascaras work just fine. If you are going to look at higher end stuff then I suggest you go into the store with no mascara on and try the one you like out, leave it on for a few hours to see if it smudges etc and then decide. It's really just a matter of looking around, but yeah there's so
  13. toothpaste cod liver oil (you drink it) bleach (i heard it is good) paint stripper (??) rust remover (ekkk!!) acetone alcohol vinegar clearisel ultra cream strong acid (such as hydrochloric) baking powder NOOO . Different things work for different people but you've got to be gentle. Honestly, people think that these harsh products will work because they are strong and contain alcohol etc, but they strip your skin of its natural oils, thus forcing skin to produce even more oil and leading to bu
  14. Hey, I'm quite new to minerals myself. I get plagued with flaky patches on my face and the makeup just seems to cling and look awful What you definately don't want to do is scrub at anything, it'll only aggravate the pimple and skin around it and you'll be left with more to cover. If I'm having particular trouble with dryness before makeup I steam my skin for around 5 minutes and gently exfoliate with a clean washcloth or facial brush, the heat really helps Then I moisturise while my face is
  15. bangersNmash

    red & white.

    Gorgeous missus. Love the septum.
  16. bangersNmash

    Me & my boy

    you are soooo gorgeous in all of your pictures, your skin, hair and eyes are all perfect I want your kittykat I love his eyes
  17. bangersNmash

    My JuJu Bee

    Ooooh I'll have that please Send her my love.
  18. bangersNmash

    Tattoos 2 and 3

    *le swoon* oooh. My. I bet you're from america, damn oceans But really. goodlord man you look like a piece of sex.
  19. bangersNmash


    I actually think her boyfriend looks pretty hot. As does his gf look like a perdy girl:)
  20. You are soooooo gorgeous missus! So remember that and be confident You have the most perfect lips! Whatta you use on them, if anything?
  21. bangersNmash

    rev 017.jpg

    The comment above is exactly right, you have a striking face, hence why I saw the thumbnail picture in the main gallery bit and clicked on it You have a gorgeous bone structure and cheekbones and features! Looking great
  22. Why would anyone get annoyed, you have the cuuuutest fave just about ever! you look wonderful And your eyes are gorgeous, I know everybody always compliments everybody else on eyes but theyre so white and so brown and pretty! Progress is fantabulous! Keep it up And keeep the confidence soaaaring.
  23. Sooo gorgeous, your skin looks like its been airbrushed, so smooth and even toned. And your username, playgroundlove, man I adoooore that song by Air and the virgin suicides movie. If thats where ya got it from !