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  1. Hi there I have recently (past 6 months) found myself a new victim of rosacea. I self diagnosed and researched products on the internet and found a brand called 'osmosis' I am currently using their cleanser, 'calm' serum which includes retinal and then moisturiser. Today I went to the doctor who prescribed me Rozex (metronidazole) gel. It says to apply to skin morning and night. Do I keep using my osmosis serum? In which order do I apply all my products? Many thanks
  2. This got rid of my acne and left my skin burn free and silky smooth - all whilst looking stylish meheheh I love it. good ol ebay.
  3. I agree that it gets off the grime we can't see, I love witch hazel and it does a great job.
  4. I adore the origional Dior Diorshow mascara, it makes my eyelashes look long and full and can make them look really dramatic if I'm on a night out The price tag is quite expensive though and some drug store mascaras work just fine. If you are going to look at higher end stuff then I suggest you go into the store with no mascara on and try the one you like out, leave it on for a few hours to see if it smudges etc and then decide. It's really just a matter of looking around, but yeah there's so
  5. toothpaste cod liver oil (you drink it) bleach (i heard it is good) paint stripper (??) rust remover (ekkk!!) acetone alcohol vinegar clearisel ultra cream strong acid (such as hydrochloric) baking powder NOOO . Different things work for different people but you've got to be gentle. Honestly, people think that these harsh products will work because they are strong and contain alcohol etc, but they strip your skin of its natural oils, thus forcing skin to produce even more oil and leading to bu
  6. Hey, I'm quite new to minerals myself. I get plagued with flaky patches on my face and the makeup just seems to cling and look awful What you definately don't want to do is scrub at anything, it'll only aggravate the pimple and skin around it and you'll be left with more to cover. If I'm having particular trouble with dryness before makeup I steam my skin for around 5 minutes and gently exfoliate with a clean washcloth or facial brush, the heat really helps Then I moisturise while my face is
  7. bangersNmash

    Oh the Highs and the Lows

    some clear, some not so clear, makeup etc
  8. such an important thing to have I use skin ceuticals and find it great! Very sure that it's never led to any breakouts or clogged pores.
  9. Thanking you for the tips. And very pretty pictures, shiny hair and flawless looking skin xxx
  10. Thank you all so much for the replies! I really want to find a UK based company or website so I can get samples shipped asap as US sites usually take too long and I can't afford to wait. :lol2: I know I know, I've never had patience. Anyone know of a UK site with good, pure brands for sale? I'm desperate
  11. Thanks for the reply Jess. I've been browsing around some more mineral brand sites and most of the ingredients are basically the same...does this most minerals will break me out or is it just something to do with the quality of the minerals or what?
  12. I'm really REALLY annoyed to high hell here. I ordered some mineral makeup after reading so much praise on it. I ordered it off a UK website, www.pureminerals.co.uk and I've been applying it correctly with the kabuki brush and everything. It looks so great and makes my skin look wonderful, the colour is also perfect, its just SO much better than most powder or liquid foundations. I was in love with it but I'm certain that it's breaking me out. Since I've been using it, despite the wonderful look
  13. 1. How are you feeling today? I have to say I'm feeling the blues today. 2. Do you use MSN alot? I do indeedio but don't talk to a whole lot of people as alot are tres boring! 3. At what age did you get acne? 12 4. What's your favourite food? Ahhhhh. anything edible But bangers and mash of course, and you can't beat a good pizza, or some chocolate or oooo oooo *drools* 5. Would you exchange your acne for clear skin, but you have to live as a fat person for 2 years? How fat are we talking