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  1. The iodine for our paradox An institute in where we are left to cox The crystal markings that remain Constatly show up again and again But an audience heeds to the negative Still take take no notice of the derogative Something burning bright between our kisses We'd be perfect if nothing misses But perfectionism also means boredemness And a journey is always more interesting when we guess
  2. Same here. How long have you had yours for then? I don't know how to treat mine. My face would look so good if it wasn't for these bastards.
  3. Thanks. My acne tends to be pretty much red marks everywhere on my right hand side of my face which I doesn't happen to be in the photos. My parents are against me using any medication as they believe it doesnt work unles you just pop it when the whitehead comes out. I'm trying the regime where I soak my face in the hot water. (There's the topic on this board somewhere). But I also use emo oil to moisturize. Crappy regime as you can see.
  4. I've got a few pics here. One of my back as well. I wasn't to sure about my acne. So could anyone point out what type of acne this is?
  5. Hmm.. I'm posting a topic here which is a first. Anyways..... Lately I've had several incidents where some of my little cousins have pointed somethign baout my acne. One of them I kinda sked for it though. Anyways, my little cousin Holly/Lily asked why I had "beer" on my face. Pointing to the pimple I had on my mouth. I don't know how she came up with the conclusion of beer but it was good to laugh at. She's only 3 so she wouldn't know much better plus she suffers form really fry skin and ecze
  6. I find when I get rid of acne and there's a few remaining spots left. I got absolutely mental about getting rid of it because to me. It's a sign that if that's not taken care of. More would come up and a cycle would repeat. either way though, it's great to have gotten rid of the majority of the acne.
  7. 1)Do you own an ipod? Yes and wanting another one too. 2)What kind do you have? If none leave blank. iPod mini 4GB 3)What color is your ipod? Or if you had one what color would it be? Blue. 4)Do you own an mp3 player instead? No. 5)What kind of music do you listen to? Trip-hop, underground hip-hop, r'n'b, indie rock, alternative, pop, house, uk garage, grime, Aussie pub rock, soul, jazz....etc 6)How many times has your ipod broken? Once. The iPod click wheel doesn't work
  8. Annie - I Will Get On Siobhan Donaghy - Ghosts Garbage - Silence Is Golden Ben Harper - Diamonds On The Inside All different but still bloody good to listen to.
  9. I tend to gorget about my acne completely when I'm outside of the house. Whether i'm out with mates or at school. I've realized not giving a damn about it actually makes the skin look better. Probably cause of less stress. Everyone has acne and is equally self-conscious of something they have so who really gives a damn about what others think about how we look.
  10. -Siobhan Donaghy - Twist Of Fate -Morcheeba - Be Yourself, Rome Wasn't Built In A Day, Love Is Rare, Lighten Up -Skye - Love Show, Stop Complaining, Tell Me -Utada Hikaru - This Is Love, Keep Tryin' -Garbage - When I Grow Up -Lighthouse Family - High -The Whitlams - Band On Every Corner -Sophie Koh - Anywhere -M.I.A - Galang -Reel Big Fish - Beer -Mos Def - Travellin' Man All the songs of the top of my head at the moment which get me in a good mood.
  11. I don't know how so many people can be so sad here. There are some real stunners here. There needs to be modelling agncy looking through here. I was so bored when I took this photo. I like taking photos though.
  12. Plenty of peopel think of me as so many stuff. But who gives at what they say.
  13. Paris Hilton.... This reminds me of readin somewhere where the singer Pink was having a talk with some teenage girls while promoting being a woman. Being smart and not an object for guys type of stuff. Anyways, I believe Pink uses Paris Hilton as a figure of someone not to become. And several girls stand up and say Pink is just jealous that she ain't as "pretty" as Paris. Pink ignores it at least even though those stupid girls continue. Not sure if it really happened but that's what i read. A
  14. I have this one friend who is tall, modelish looking, great fashoin sense, talkative, calm, sporty, smart, elegant, cute, funny, chirpy, understanding, flawless skin, etc, etc, etc. And she is one of the best friends I have ever had. But it doesn't stop her from understanding anyone. She's talked about her problem to me. I think in the end, don't think that no one else is going through what you are going through because there are others who are going through a problem of such depth. I think to
  15. The better skin, there's always surgery! Are you saying surgery for bigger penis? Isnt it simpler to have surgery for better skin? But for the skin, you would still have to treat it after the surgery whereas the bigger penis isn't going to change too muhc. I'm being really confusing ain't I.
  16. Were you at a swimming pool cause then it could be the chlorine.
  17. Love to do this stuff! Here is my emo song. A Poignant Murder How does one reenact a moment of being desperate? I thought you were my best mate You hurt me and left me all bruised So how dare you go and have cruised You think it’s a safe idea to desert me Leave me to bleed and never see So everything implodes and I get left behind So I question if humanity is blind To forget about me trapped here And feeling like there’s so much to fear As lies collide and kisses are made Unio
  18. I had a friend who use to cut herself. But she stopped. She always says now that it was pathetic and a cry for attention. What she didn't see then, was that there was attention being given to her. It was just hidden and you had to search for it. Ive never been in such a situation so I don't know how useful my advice would be but maybe instead of cutting yourself go take some boxing classes to take away that anxiety plus it makes you healthy too. By the way, are you also a member on www.siobhan
  19. Actually people that live in the gutter are losers as are drug addicts... I can't help it if I think people that are drug addicts or are former addicts are losers. I have the freedom of speech, so I am allowed to disagree with you by voicing my opinion... The reality is that anyone that allows alcohol or ANY form of drug to EVER enter their body is and always will be a loser... Oh really. So what does that make anyone who stops such a thing. Are they still losers. I don't think so, th
  20. gomez

    Acne Days

    Just pics of me that will hopefully look better as they go on!
  21. From the album: Acne Days

    It's pretty hard to tell the acne in this photo but at leasts its a good idea.
  22. Okay, people grow up! Were here to help Kamni! Anyways, I don't think the acne is serious enough to go on Accutane yet. And you are a beautiful girl. In the end what's the point on getting the "miracle cure" if you haven't dealt with yourself. It's just like being fat and having the fat surgically removed yet you don't know how to keep the fat away. Anyways doesn't Accutane make your acne worse in the first few weeks plus gives you side-effects that include mental problems. Nonetheless, enoug