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  1. I have arnica gel at home which is antiinflammatory and helps with bruises. I used a little on a couple of zits and it seemed to help with the swelling. only tried a couple of times so will update later but wanted to know if anyone has tried it? thanks
  2. products with silicones are super popular- does anyone else think silicones make them breakout- if so which products do u use? thanks
  3. I was recently told by a holistic doc that she thinks I have a paraben allergy. She did a muscle strength test and found that I got weaker when holding parabens. Now I have nothing to use because I suspect I am allergic to other things as well so I literally have no routine and am extrememly frustrated right now. The only thing that I think I can continue using is my cory minerals with only two ingredients but I have no face wash or moisturizer to use. My doc is trying to treat me for the al
  4. http://cat.inist.fr/?aModele=afficheN&cpsidt=18993051
  5. you could try taking omega 3 fatty acid supplements- do you think you get enough good fat in your diet? You can also try using oils to moisturize with topically
  6. I am going for my first ppx laser treatment tomorrow- she does microdermabrasion first and then the treatment. Keeping fingers crossed
  7. I would call the doc but you might be experiencing an allergic reaction! I would probably stop using.
  8. I have been struggling with this concept myself about just accepting the fact that I have acne and that it shouldn't stop me from living my life. However, I know that it does stop me from doing stuff. I don't swim or do anything water related in front of other people because then my makeup will come off. I also breakout from almost all sunscreens so that stops me from doing a lot of stuff outdoors. Also going on vacation for long periods of time- I have to make sure I have enough product wi
  9. the place i booked the appointment with said they do PPX but it was similar and just an older version of the isolaz. It was the isolaz website that recommended this place so I assume it is the same thing. Anyone know? thanks
  10. Ok made an appointment for friday with a doc- can't wait to see what happens- hope this helps me
  11. I feel like I may be allergic to certain ingredients in products and I was wondering if anyone else thinks that may be their problem. I can't imagine why my skin is so sensitive and reacts by giving me like 20 zits on my chin and around my mouth area. I never seem to know what will cause it but they ultimately seem to be caused by products. My diet is great and the only time i seriously breakout is when i try something new. Has anyone had experience like this or with an allergist and determi
  12. Had great reviews on makeupalley but is $75- anyone have experience with this. I may go into sephora and grab a sample today.
  13. Thanks for your reply I looked at the website and I found an MD near me and they have ppx which is almost the same thing as isolaz and then I called a place that was more of a spa/plastic surgery place and they told me that the laser was done by an esthetician instead of a doc. I made an appointment for a consult with both. The doc's consult was free so that was good. what do you think of an esthetician vs. a doc? my gut says to go with the doc!
  14. Can I ask how expensive it was and how you went about finding a qualified doc? thanks
  15. where do u get the tea from? i have looked in whole foods and vitamin shoppe and haven't seen it.