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  1. I hated this liquid cleanser when I first tried it, but now I love it! The difference for me has been applying it directly to dry skin and then washing it off by splashing water and gently patting dry.
  2. Hey Kristin, sorry to hear that you broke out! I had thought of switching to once a day (I'm about 6 weeks in now) but I'm in a wedding next weekend and then I'm going away on vacation. I don't think I want to chance it just now, as I'm almost clear. I think you definitely made the right decision. It's a bit of a drag, especially time-wise, but hey, to be clear... Victoria
  3. It sounds pretty good! My only experience with icing spots was when I tried the acne cure (I think that's what it's called) but it was too fussy for me (icing with BP -- eh). But it's great that it really seems to help you. And I'm assuming you just ice the spots...you don't include BP do you? Anyway, keep posting! I'm reading!! Victoria
  4. Oh, I forgot to post something else I wanted to tell you. My skin is only now starting to clear fully. I have one problem area on my cheek right now (red marks pretty close together and my fading cyst right in the middle of those). Also, I had red marks turn into pimples (though I guess they never fully were healed) and some turned to cysts, which was scary. I almost gave up a few times. But I'm really glad now that I stuck with it. Victoria
  5. Hi Sue, I'm 31 and I've been on the regimen for about six weeks. But I've had acne forever (varying in intensity over the years) and tried every over the counter product and prescription known to man. Well, maybe not really, but that's how it feels at 31!! Anyway, I do the same thing as Brandy...just some powder. But I also use concealer, since I have a few red marks (only one active spot left). I use Physicians Formula talc-free mineral powder and it covers pretty well. I had to ditch my
  6. I do my whole face, and I try to be very gentle, so it takes me a full 10 minutes.
  7. Hi, I'm enjoying reading your log!! Let us know how it goes with Dan's gel. I think an occasional person has found a brief adjustment time period if they switch BP. I'd be interested in knowing how you find the gel after using OTS for a week. Good luck with your apartment and keep posting! Victoria
  8. I know what you mean...before I started to clear up, I'd never let anyone see me without make-up. And I always wore my hair down to cover up spots. I'm not quite so bad now and I've even tossed my foundations (though I still use a powder which covers pretty well). And cover-up in a few places, though a lot less than I used to. I just noticed that you're posting updates in a log. Good for you! Giving your skin a break from make-up while there's no one around sounds like a good idea. Good
  9. Hi, I use Cetaphil on the regimen. I gently rub it on my face, without water (my face is dry, in other words) and after about 10-20 seconds, I rinse gently with water. I tried Cetaphil on a wet face as my cleanser a few years ago, but it didn't do anything. Applying it to a dry face works best for me. I know everyone is different, but I'm glad that I saw someone's post here about applying it to a dry face when I started the regimen, and was looking for a regimen-approved cleanser. It rea
  10. I'm about six weeks in now. I started out using a different cleanser and moisturizer than the recommended kinds, and I tossed those after the first week. So it's about six weeks. Hang in there. It's tough to wait out those break-outs after the first few weeks. When I would get discouraged and want to give up (as more red marks turned into pimples) I would go back and read the success stories and watch the videos. I think it's really important to remember that not everybody clears right a
  11. Sorry...just saw in the title that it's 12 days you've been on the regimen. Silly me...forgot to look there. I would say that it's nothing to worry about. My break-out from red marks came well into my 2nd/3rd week in. Victoria
  12. I loved your comment..."only one cheek away from clear skin." Me, too!! Sorry I can't really comment on the clogged pores turning into pimples, but for me it was red marks turing into pimples. But I guess they never really healed and so the BP brought them back into full fledged pimples. Some of them even turned to cysts. My last one is fading now and combined with some red marks from the others, that cheek doesn't look so good. But everywhere else is clear. How long have you been on th
  13. Oh, I also forgot to say that after using that moisturizer, I gently pat on Physicians Formula talc-free mineral powder. I abandoned all foundations. But I've sent a pm to veggie girl about her line of make-up, just to see what it's like. Victoria
  14. I'm on the regimen as well, and I use Neostrata Daytime Mattifying Renewal Fluid. It has SPF 15 and 8% AHA. But I would be very cautious if your skin is not used to any AHA. This is strong. The Neostrata oily skin line of products was what I was using before I began the regimen (cleanser, mask, blemish gel) and all contained a percentage of AHA. Therefore my skin didn't have a bad reaction to it, which was good, because my flakes would have been unbearable without it! Although I do use a R
  15. Yes, Wal-mart carries Cetaphil soap, liquid cleanser and the moisturizer. Many other stores carry them as well but Wal-mart is usually cheapest, unless there's a good sale somewhere else! Hope that helps. Victoria