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  1. After your acne infections heal, is it immediately noticeable if a scar will be there? Has anyone had an instance in which a scar developed long after the infection was gone, and all the while you were thinking that there was/wouldn't be no scar? Thanks in advance.
  2. for your oiliness levels to subside? (I guess this should be aimed at users with hyperactive sebum production) I've been on it for about eight days now and have noticed a slight increase in sebum production. I'm currently on 40mg once a day, and have extremely oily skin. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.
  3. Let's see, I've been on the strongest concentrations of benzoyl peroxide, clindamycin, Retin-A, and Differin. Just wondering if you guys think I'll have a hard time getting a perscription for Accutane. Is it more based on your current skin condition, or things you've tried in the past that haven't worked? My point is that I've tried all these things, but none of them worked to get me clearer than 75% which is how my face is now. It's not that bad, maybe a few active infections on my face at
  4. dreamjob, if you read my post carefully i said it DOES contain the proper amounts.
  5. I found that website to be quite informative because it makes so much sense. I was all ready to go and fork over some more money for supplements that supposedly helps in relieving acne, but guess what? I'm already taking a GNC MegaMen multivitamin which has the two primary supplements that the website outlines (Vitamins A/D, B-Complex) in the amounts specified except for the Vitamin D which is a little less, but yet I still break out. I do admit that it helped my oiliness SOMEWHAT since I start
  6. I got my LA from muac, but I'm running out of the PH prep solution which comes with it. Thing is, I have a lot more of the actual LA left. So how essential is the PH prep solution when doing the treatments? Have any of you prematurely run out of the PH prep solution also? And if you did, what did you use instead?
  7. How long do your supplies last? I bought a sample size of 55% lactic acid from makeupartistschoice.com, and it's been lasting a really long time. In fact, tonight is going to be my seventh application, and I haven't even used half of the bottle. So how much do you guys/gals use on each application? I don't think I'm skimping on how much I use, in fact I pretty much saturate the affected areas with lactic, but I just wanted your take on the matter. Any input is highly appreciated!
  8. wow that's really good news! i'm happy for you funny, too, that you mention lactic acid b/c i was just about to order my very first batch after seeing all the positive reviews on this board. wish me luck!
  9. Ah yes, this is for your internal cleansing regimen, correct? For a while I was keeping up with that particular thread...very interesting stuff.
  10. Glad I caught you at this late hour, Maya. Do you have any experience with any of these brands you posted? They seem to be about the same price per gram. I tried Makeupalley.com and couldn't find anything in their database.
  11. Maya, thank you very much. i completely forgot that i what may require a prescription here in the states may not necessarily apply to overseas. just one question though, if i do order the 4% hydroquinone from one of the links you posted, is there any way for the authorities to track it?
  12. but I'd like to try some 4% hydroquinone. I've tried the 2% already over an extended period of time but with no noticeable difference. Does anyone know where I could get 4% hydroquinone without having a prescription? I've checked ebay and no one is selling the concentration I need and I've also checked other places online but all of them require a prescription, which I don't have. Believe me, I'm not trying to break the law or anything, and I think by me having these redmarks for over si
  13. I noticed that a lot of you are darker skinned, so I was wondering if this product shouldn't be used by the lighter skinned like myself???... reason i ask is after using it for the first time, my red marks were noticeably much more red..maybe it's just irritation?