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  1. Hey all. From what I've read you need filler after subcision to prevent scars from retethering. But if what you need to get 2-3 subcisions? Should you do filler after the first one? Or every time? If you do the subcision 2-3 months apart, won't it waste the fillers? If you don't get fillers, won't it "waste" the subcision because your scars will retether? In Korea they're using CO2 gas to make a pocket and fill it with HA to prevent retethering. http://www.gclinic.net/skincare I'm guessing thi
  2. I'm finally ready to do something about my acne scars. They're horrible, both below the surface and above. I'm guessing I have rolling scars, shallow boxcars and tiny icepicks. There are also uneven texture and raised areas on the nose. I'm in the bay area but I'm thinking of flying to San Diego and do a combination treatment with Dr. Rullan. Should I use fillers also?
  3. From the previous article: they are going to begin trials in early 2015 by attempting to recruit 25 burn victims until the end of the year. The last time they did this they couldn't find many people so the trials never started. This time they have an expanded criteria so hopefully they'll be able to find 25 persons. Each person will need to be followed for 12 months. So 2015 = recruitment. Trials maybe another year so 2016 = trials end. Approval might take more months so who knows when this
  4. This seems similar to Cosmetic Acupuncture or Facial Rejuvenation that's offered in the US. Although I guess they are much more aggressive to break up scar tissue underneath the skin. From what I've researched, the American Cosmetic Acupuncture Association website seems to be dead. So not sure what happened to them. Probably had to shut down due to liability problems and not being licensed doctors. Or pressure from plastic surgeons and dermatologists whose practice they're encroaching on. Ac
  5. This study seems to be related to the skill of the doctor rather than technique. These guys work in a hospital and performed the procedures for research publication purposes. So you can assume that they're slightly more skilled than the average outside clinic doctor and more motivated to do a good job for their paper. In the US I'd imagine doctors would avoid subcision because it's more delicate and risky. Why bother with surgery that you can screw up when you can just use a laser instead? I