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  1. Johnny Depp is hot. He can say whatever he wants! lol
  2. It just seems like it would be a very cool place. Does anyone know what it's like there?
  3. Oooh. This is interesting. (maybe just to me?) "Yankee" comes from the Dutch nickname "Janke" according to my dictionary. The British contemptuously called New Englanders by this name as early as the 1750's. (A lot of Dutch had settled in the area.)
  4. Great suggestion. I tried it this morning and my flakes are not a problem today. Do you do the BP after moisturizing?
  5. Makeda, a guy I work with is learning Esperanto for a graduate-level linguistics class! He says it's really easy to learn. It just sounds a little ridiculous to me. Vanessa, I lived in France for a semester last summer and I found that many people there speak and understand English; they just are hesitant to speak if they cannot do it perfectly. They take language really seriously over there! My French is decent, I think, but I was constantly being corrected over there on the smallest
  6. Lancome foundations are the best! They have 2 or 3 that are oil-free, I think. My last bottle was called "Teint Idole." It didn't aggravate my acne at all and it blended so beautifuly. Right now I'm on a tight budget, so I got some L'oreal (which is the company that also makes Lancome) "Airwear" instead. Being on the regimen seems to prevent the stuff from blending just right, though. I feel like I'm just pushing flakes around. lol
  7. Glycerin is really gentle too, that's why it's in so many products for sensitive skin. It won't irritate acne.
  8. I'm with maral on this one; they'll be there for all eternity. lol I love garlic, and I put some fresh minced on nearly everything I cook. I don't really think it makes a difference. The cysts come and go. A dab of salicylic acid at night helps reduce the swelling. Other than that, you just have to wait it out. And no touching!
  9. 1. My skin loves the Eucerin AHA moisturizer, maybe too much. I use twice as much of it as I used of the Neutrogena. I wish I didn't need to use this much, (it's expensive) but my skin absorbs it instantly! I'm tempted to use even more of it since... 2. I'M STILL FLAKING on some parts of my face!!! ](*,) I'm heading into week four; when will it cease and desist?! BTW, I only moisturize in the daytime. I did it twice a day for a bit when I was using the Neutrogena, and my skin was
  10. I wasn't able to follow the regimen precisely on my trip. (I didn't want to hog the bathroom in my friends' small apartment, so I couldn't always wash my hands before applying BP and I often had to do the BP without a mirror. I got some new zits, but I popped them and they're fading fast.) I started using the Eucerin Renew moisturizer last Thursday, and I really like it. My skin really absorbs the stuff, though, so I have to use more of it than my last moisturizer. I am still flaki
  11. My face is looking quite clear! / I'm pretty dry and pink again, but the tradeoff is worth it - especially since I know the flaking is only temporary. The regimen is easy and it works. I won't be posting for awhile, since I'll be out of town, but I'll be keeping a written log. Later!
  12. I popped those bad boys yesterday in the morning, and today I'm looking much better. It could be that using moisturizer at night for a couple days contributed to that breakout. I'm just doing it in the morning again, unless I feel I really need it one night.
  13. Well, I guess I'm going through my week 2 breakout. My face is red and itchy today in addition to having four new pimples. One of them is right at the bottom of my chin and it's huge! This sucks. I'm going to visit some friends in Texas next week and I look like a$$. ({|= But after all, they love me for me, not my complexion. It's still embarassing. Maybe I'll buy a nice wide-brimmed hat and hide! Although that's not really my style. I hope this breakout will clear up fast. I'
  14. Hey beeman, Use stuff that doesn't contain oils or cocoa butter. Maybe an aloe-based lotion would be good. And try not to rub your forearm on your face!
  15. My flaking has mellowed a little, and those three new friends are on their way out. I was using Neutrogena's moisturizer for combination skin, but I switched to their sensitive skin formula. Maybe that change helped minimize the flaking and peeling; not sure. I can't wait till I'm clear and can start with the AHA! That stuff seems to be a hot ticket around here. I wonder if BHAs are as good. :-k Since I started the regimen, I have had no new big zits, all the ones I had before have shr