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  1. got prescribed lymecycline from gp the other day anyone had experience with it, how long to see results? appreciate any feedback from you all cheers : )
  2. i dont eat breakfast everyday but if i do i eat brown toast or cereal, do you think the lymecycline with th differin will work for my condition, if itdoesnt do you think my gp will reccomend roaccutane?
  3. far from it mate im a very careful eater and drinker i mainly drink water and eat organic foods
  4. thanks for all the support everyone, can my doctor prescribe me accutane?
  5. he said i it was infected and these would work best
  6. went to the docs today give me 2 month supply of lymecycline and differin cream anyone know if this is anygood? how long before i will see results chhers for all the replys everyone appreciate it.
  7. hi everyone basically i am 19 ive had acne for 5 years and never seen a doctor or derm ive just always tried to treat my condition myself i have tried everything you can buy without prescription my acne rules me i have not socialised for over a year literally stayed in didnt work didnt see anyone even hid away from my family in my room. i have got myself a job and have been in it for three weeks i really like it but my skin just makes me not want to be there, people there are friendly but i can
  8. stick with it i exercise 5 times a week and you may break out a bit at first but its your pores getting all the dirt out, make sure you wash your face after exercise if possible try not to let the sweat dry on your face!
  9. stick with it the dryness and redness will get better as your skin adapts to the BP I personally use bp at night spot treat any areas that need it and wash of in the morning. What kind of moisturiser are you putting on your skin? Welcome to the boards mate and all the best of luck with your acne battle!! : )
  10. welcome to the boards mate good luck : )