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  1. Wb, Although I have experienced that sensation before, the Basis feels great to me! I bought two bars yesterday, and I agree with Dan. It is more gentle, and doesn't dry your skin as much. Later, Pete
  2. Thanks for the reply, Dan. I agree with you completely, I'm too going to miss the Purpose as well because I've grown to like the smell, color, and long lasting bar. However, I'll be switching to the Basis today for the gentleness. Thanks again. Regards, Pete
  3. Hi Dan, Love the new BP Gel by the way. Quick question. I noticed on the Supplies Page that the new top listed facial cleanser is Basis Sensitive Skin Bar. I may be off, but if I remember correctly, one of your past favorites was the Purpose Gentle Cleansing Bar. Are you using the Basis now exclusively as your cleasing bar? Thanks, Pete
  4. Thanks for the info, Ryan. My face is still peeling, but it's not irritated or red -- just a little flaky. I'm thinking about switching over on Monday of next week, which will be the begininng of week 3 of the Regimen. I don't know though, part of me wants to start now, and work on fading those red marks. Thanks, Pete
  5. Just a quick question on the regimen. I've been have good success for the past two weeks, and I was just curious if its time for me to start using an AHA moisturizer. I'm on the Neutogrena Moisture right now, and I read that your supposed to start with an Alpha Hydroxy after a couple of weeks. If it's not time, when will I know if it's time? Thanks, Pete
  6. Thanks all! I want to start with the alpha hydroxy lotion now, but it's only been 2 weeks. Is this too soon? Later, Pete
  7. Hi, It's time for me to start the Alpha Hydroxy lotion as opposed to the regular, and I was wondering what everyone's opinion was as to their favorite. I've heard the Eucerin Renewal was good, but somewhat oily and greasy, which my skin already is to begin with. I was curious to see if anyone has found one that isn't so oily and absobs nicely? Thanks, Pete