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  1. Hi! Thanks a lot for your reply! Now I can order a larger batch without worrying too much. thanks again.
  2. Hi, just a very simple question. For the bottle BP, where is the expiry date printed at? I can't locate it. In any case, I also just wish to know how long Dan's BP can last at room temperature without spoiling, that's because I'm thinking of buying at least half a year's supply at one go(so I don't have to keep asking my family to lend me their credit card every month or so because I guess that can be somewhat annoying for them). So can anyone tell me? Thanks in advance.
  3. Yep I know that thing is not definite and different people have different stuff which causes acne for them. But like what I've said, I just wanted to see/explore what are the other "specific" possibilities so I can do some "trial and error" to mark out those possible causes for why I broke out at such a weird place all of a sudden. You can see I've been a member for nearly 5 years. It's an on and off process(more of off actually) and each time I break out at some weird places and I'm totally clu
  4. I don't know where to post this so I chose the most suitable board, sorry if I got it wrong. You know how they say most spots on the chin having to do with hormones and those on cheeks are more related to diet? Do does anyone know about the rest(e.g: forehead and area between the eyes) or of any links/images showing all of them? I asked because I recently broke out badly where I didn't before(reason unknown) and I thought perhaps if I can do something about that and see if that is what caused
  5. This is interesting, I'm thinking of trying this out. Do you drink this on an empty stomach? or anytime as you wish?
  6. I had the same problem. I emailed the customer service, but still no reply. This is taking a long time. I'm not complaining or anything, just hope to get some shipping confirmation if the order is shipped and stuff like that instead of waiting forever(well, it really seems like forever when your BP is running out) for new status updates. Anyway hope things will fall in place nicely soon.
  7. for everyone to remember drinking your daily sufficient amount of plain water. I know this sounds lame, and some people may think the drinking water thing is crap. I have been away from this board for nearly 1 and a half years. Recently, strangly I developed lotsa sopts on my forehead, which made me real mad, because my forehead is the only place which has been clear ever since the last breakout 5-6 years ago, even when I didn't apply any BP or touch it or press my hand against it while I sleep
  8. "why do you have so many pimples?" well if i know why, then why do i still have them? Really I have been asked this question so many times. These people don't think before they talk
  9. it is not bad, it is mild IMO. it is up to you whether you wanna go to a derm or not. Though if i were you, i would jump right into doing dan's regimen.
  10. To me, clear skin is more important, please don't bash me, that's just my own opinion. Different people have different views. Anyway, this is out of topic but girl3900, is the cat in your avatar yours? It is so cute!
  11. I envy the people who can do it in 5 minutes...
  12. Thw worst thing is when you cannot even pop it because it simply refuses to come to a head and I have this huge big one on my nose that not even makeup can cover it. And... I'm sorry, I myself don't know what to do besides putting tonnes of bp on it...