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  1. How do you shave the bikini area so that it's smooth? I use an electric razor but i cant get all the hair off. And what about the area really really close to that sensitive area down there?...I'm scared to get close to it for fear of cutting myself. Can anyone share some shaving tips/techniques? Thanks
  2. How long will it take for my dry eyes, red face, dry skin, rashes on my hands to go away? Esp the dry eyes cuz that bothers me the most. Any one know from experience?
  3. I apply eucerin redness relief cream on my face after washing and leave it on for about 5-10 mins then I brush on pure luxe mineral makeup. But it just comes out looking unsmooth and flakey. Looks really really bad. I dunno why.....is it due to dryness? I don't have this problem using prescriptives liquid foundation but I'm a mineral makeup girl and don't want to change. Anyone else have this problem and know a solution to it? Thanks in advance!
  4. Interesting, does this product cause breakouts? What's dimethicone...is that comogenic? Thanks for introducing this product btw. Any tips on using it to obtain the best outcomes? Do you use cream foundation or powder? I have an indentation from a cortizone shot.
  5. the prescriptives line smoother gets rid of the dent but then it's so SHINY and it doesn't dry out for me. How does it work out for you who use it when its so shiny?
  6. Ok this is really embarrassing but for some reason like starting 6 months ago I keep getting these zits in between my eyes or in the middle of my forehead and they are soooo disgusting. I cant bare to look in the mirror. Why do I keep getting them in the worst places possible? Can anyone explain or tell me how to preven them? I've been on accutane for 2.5 months and after six weeks i got completely clear skin but just last week i got this sort of bump in between my eyes that isn't obvious at
  7. thanks for pointing out the typo...i tend to do that alot hehe Can anyone whose taken accutane tell from personal experience?
  8. My derm said that the dry eyes will get worse over the first month and peak in the 6th week but then get slightly better and stay that way for the rest of the course. Is that true or will the dry eyes only get worse over the course of the treatment? I just finished my second month and i'm scared of my eyes getting drier. I really hope not. I'm hoping to be able to wear my contacts for at least when i go out during the weekends if not at work. Will this be possible? Can anyone share their ex
  9. If the last time I got my prescription filled was Aug 7, when is the earliest day I can get my next prescription filled? Is it Sept 6 (since Aug has 31 days) or is it Sept 7? I need to confirm my appointment so please it would be nice if people can help me out by today so I can call the doctor's office. Thanks in advance!