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    got any nudes??
  1. My face got better immediately. 1 month or so in i got a break out. About 3 1/2 months in I am still breaking out. But its just the ones that have been inside my skin for months so I am glad they are coming out
  2. I run outside for an hour 5 days a week using SPF 30.
  3. mine are starting to come out. I am on day 10 of 10mg
  4. I just started my low dose treatment today took about 7 MG today. Its kind of hard to dose to an exact MG because it is a liquid. 20mg per ML wish me luck
  5. I stopped doxy 8 after being on for 6 months or so. I was piss'n out my ass for a couple days , it was scary! After 8 months or so my acne has come back. I am going back on doxy for a bit.
  6. bulk nutrition sells it for cheat www.bulknutrition.com search for pantothenic acid powder
  7. Nevertheless, if a man takes 25 micrograms daily of estrogen he will have a great chance of producing breast tissue. My stepbrother or ex stepbrother now STEP SISTER was prescribed 50 micrograms daily to develop his breast. That was all he needed to develop breast rather quickly. Now when we speak of gynecomastia, we are not talking D or even B cups, we are talking about enlarged nipples and fat synthesis under the nipple. If 50 micrograms will grow B cups, 25 to 35 micrograms will certainly cre
  8. yes it is,, its the same amount that women produce. Thats why women dont make their own estrogen when they are on birth control. "the low has 25 mcg compared to 35 mcg in the regular " http://www.thepill.com/html/ppil/faq.jsp?#faq1 Your body produces 100 to 200 mcgs daily of estrogen( 1). Estradiol is the main component in birth control(2) So 15% of 200 mcgs is 30 micrograms and the birth control is 25 to 35 micrograms. SO IF A MAN TAKES BIRTH CONTROL HE WILL EXPERIENCE CONSEQUENCE
  9. its been 7 months since my last cycle, I know how to workout, whey and creatime, I am just 45 lbs lighter now than I was before,,,lol I am just wondering how long it taked for hormones to stabilize
  10. ????? I am on tetracycline now, my face cleared up for a month, and now I have been breaking out again
  11. but taking it after a meal will reduce the absorption rate,, wont it>
  12. stress causes hormone fluctuations, immune suppression etc. so yes you are right