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  1. Honestly I don't have an answer for you. I suppose it either works or it doesn't :shrug: Most of the questions asked here just cannot be answered. It isn't something tested by scientists or prescribed by doctors .. just made sense to me to use it and it helped. ACV has malic acid in it from the apples .. Malic Acid is an AHA and it does what every other AHA does exfoliate the skin. Not to mention ACV worked so great bc our skin's PH lvl is acidic. We have this acid mantle which protects our s
  2. That is why I said mix with water >.>
  3. Use Stop and Shop brand or any other brand besides Heinz if you can ... I noticed in the S&S brand the smell is much more mild but has the same effect as the more expensive Heinz brand. I actually had to throw out my Heinz bottle the smell was too awful. I can't believe how much this thread has grown I have been on a hiatus for what 2 - 3 years now. I had a baby so I basically threw skin care out the window. I recently purchased Dan's BP, Moisturizer and AHA I love all of it . I still
  4. Sry guys I will try to answer your questions when I can .. I just had my son June 23 so since then I have no time for myself. Hope everything is going well for everyone.
  5. rubbing wouldnt cause irritation as long as your tnot like scrubbing or rubbing really hard. I never dab it on I just apply iy like any toner.
  6. http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/2...ion.html?page=2 Remedy Number Two: Apple Cider Vinegar Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) can be purchased in most supermarkets, such as Walmart, and it has been recently advertised as a weight loss cure. However, many acne sufferers use apple cider vinegar to diminish stubborn acne marks--or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The application is simple: use a cotton ball to apply a solution of two parts water to two parts apple cider vinegar to the affecte
  7. working out the chest too much will actually shrink your boobs so your better off not doing to much exercises for pecks.
  8. The reason why children cannot have milk before age 1 is bc their digestive track cannot properly absorb it, same with honey can't give babies honey .. doesn'tg mean it is bad for you there digestive tracks just cannot handle it yet. As far as Milk being cause of Type I diabetes I can't say I find that necessarily true because everyone I know any classmates, family, myself, siblings all grew up on drinking a ton of milk and no diabetes.
  9. I honestly do not believe or see a link between milk and acne. I think if you broke out after having a glass of milk it was either coincidenced or means you are lactose intolerant which makes more sense. If you are lactose intolerant I can see why your skin may react with having a breakout but I am certainly nowhere near sold on food and acne.
  10. ACV gets rid of all the old shampoo buildup and oilyness in hair. I use is atleast once a month and my hair feels incredible afterwards .. just do it before bed bc the ACV smell def. lingers.
  11. I can't give you a specific time frame because I use it somedtimes 5x a day and by the next day I can alrdy see a difference. So I am not going to give you a time frame bc that wouldnt be fair or accurate. Also what do you mean by scars? like pitted scars from acne or like a scar from a scratch? I do not have any acne scars so I am sorry I can't answer that question. You are best looking in the Scar Forum for answers. ACV + Lemon is not a good idea and I have never suggested it. Choose one or
  12. I found that adding ACV to Apple Juice or Apple Cider makes the ACV taste disappear can't taste it at all. Be careful with drinking it. Do not BRUSH YOUR TEETH immediately afterwards this will erode your enamel. Your best bet is to swish youe Baking Soda afterwards and then maybe after and hour it would be safe to brush your teeth. Those of your drinking it I highly recommend doing some research on acidic drinks and how to prevent enamel loss.
  13. ALL ON FIRST PAGE + Can be pruchased at any local grocery store, and is in the salad dressing isle. + Yes you can still use BP and any other acne related medications or remedies ex. Tea Tree Oil. + Yes you can also use Emu Oil. I suggest using it at night bc it is oily and use it of course after ACV/BP or w/e else you use. + If you want to drink it add 2 - 4 Tablespoons of ACV in a large glass of Apple Juice or Apple Cider. Use a straw because the more acid that touches your teeth the higher y
  14. there is no high strength of Apple Cider Vingar it is diluted to 5% acidity all ACV around the world is made that way.
  15. what do you mean can you be specific ... Did you read my first page everything is explained there.