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  1. Thank you so much for giving us all feedback. Much appreciated and good luck!
  2. How about injecting Viagra into our scars?
  3. Quick question; is there a place in Toronto (or Ontario otherwise) that offers Fraxel treatment?
  4. well, it prolly gets stitched immediately, which helps with the final healing. also, you prolly only see them in a ring, which is lit from all directions with dozens of lights. this favorable lighting minimizes the appearance of scars...
  5. My suggestion is to use the really sharp toothpicks (the ones that are equally sharp on both ends). This puts a scab the size a pin head on your skin; (barely noticeable). Using the other style tooth picks (one end is flat and round and the other end is square shape) leaves much larger scabs and I don't think there is much a trade off in results, but this is just heresay. Give it a whirl, no one will notice even if you did even five spots on your face with the sharp tooth picks.
  6. BUUUUMMMMPPPP. Um, for ice picks and box scars (since they are discrete) this looks very promising. If a surgeon were to excise those scars and apply the transforming growth factor studied, perhaps the area would heal with no scar. Is this the solution we're looking for? The article mentions that the result of the study will be made sometime this year. Hopefully Renovo comes through and the results are good. I'll be anxiously waiting with my fingers crossed...
  7. delna, You're right, the skin does shed and new skin is formed, and this is a continuous process. However, this takes place in the epidermis which is the top layer of your skin complex. Beneath that lies the dermis, where the scar actually is. So to answer your question, just because the top layer (the epidermis) replenishes itself by exchanging new for old cells doesn't mean the area where the scar truly is is being changed. This would be analagous to stripping a wall of it's paint every s
  8. I apologize if this question has been asked before, but; Is it better to put Retin-A on the TCA scabs or polysporin/neosporin?
  9. anime girl, what is that picture in the left of your signature from?
  10. Well Ebby, That is the place. Coincidence? I think not, as I looked at your location and you kind of described my experience (conservative treatment --> yay, where do I sign up so I can throw away hundreds of dollars?). At first I liked them, but then again I had no previous experiences to compare them to. Fortunately I never had to pay the first time as I was used as a 'model' to get a practitioner licensed, so I am grateful towards the people at the clinic. What made me upset was no
  11. Ebby, Was the clinic you went to in Canton (30-40 minutes west of Detroit)? If so, I experienced the same 'conservative' treatment. Needless to say, I never went back...
  12. Well they need to pay their bills too. Besides, they will justify it in their minds somehow AND REALLY BELIEVE IT so they don't feel bad about themselves at the end of the day....
  13. Holy smokes i want to try this. This is good because it is cheap, but the down side is that there is down time (a period where you probably don't feel comfortable in public).
  14. Obi, The results you see are due to swelling. I don't mean to rain on your parade but I also don't want you to get your hopes up. BUT, you and hello50 are lucky to have practitioners who are willing to deliver aggressive treatment. Maybe this is the key to Smoothbeam. You may be laughing 6 months from now. I on the other hand am stuck with a practitioner who is ultra-conservative. I'm thinking about just foregoing the whole Smoothbeam deal. I want aggressive treatment. Anyway, only ti