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  1. I have the same problem except I do not have acne problems - just the occssional break-out! I hate that I can't go more than an hour after washing and my complextion starts to shine. I'm 33 and have been searching for a cure since highschool! Unfortunately, there isn't one. Accutane will eliminate the oil and leave your skin absolutely radiant. But, you can't take accutane forever. When not on accutane I take vitamin A and I alternate my cleansing products according to season. Winter I use
  2. Brand Accutane has been a very positive experience for me. However, the generic version was a whole other story. severe side effects... I would stick with brand. Your doctor will confirm that generic alternatives are not always the best option.
  3. I can say that my experience on Accutane (A) brand (not generic) has been great! I've never experienced any negative side effects (no depression, nothing) and I have taken the brand 4 separate times over the past 15 years. Generic is another story! The last time I used A it was the generic version (b/c my Ins. specified generic only). After two months my knees joints began hurting during my runs - my doctor cut my dosage but the damage was done. Since then I have had "runners knee" (cartilage pr
  4. Out of the blue whiteheads have invaded my forehead and sides of my face. I've never had this problem. No diet or regimen changes (I am stressed) have occurred. I have found temporary relief by using a Nuetrgena astringent (with salcl.. acid and oil control) after I wash but the Wheads eventualy get inflammed and the little bumps are back. So, the astringent works BUT it also doesn't work. I understand what Wheads are and the possible causes... Any suggestions for how I might get rid of them
  5. We are all different - How your body/complexion responds to accutane (A) is to be determined. That said, I can say that my experience on A brand (not generic) has been great! I'm 36 and have taken A four different times since I was 20. Each time I took the 40mg (twice a day and every other day doses) and never experienced any negative side effects (no depression, nothing). My skin was like a baby's bottom - perfect. After stopping A my skin eventually (6 to 8) months returned to its very oi