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  1. try Eucerin Skin Renewal Day Lotion. it has been discontinued, but i love it and i would try that if you can find it.
  2. i use cetaphil extra gentle cleanser and am really happy with it. antibacterial soaps can kill the good bacterias and such which can cause problems and it can be exceptionally drying. not good.
  3. i use the eucerin and i really like it. i use it every day, every time.
  4. i was wondering, and hoping, if it will be like the eucerin. i just started mixing the eucerin in with my cetaphil and love the combo.
  5. i have only been on the regimen for 2 weeks, but am in love. i have had no reddness or drying problems. nothing adverse at all. i didn't have very bad acne per say, but this has definately help a lot. i would give it a 9/10. not a ten because i can't say anything about the long haul yet.
  6. the first few days i had no problems, the last couple days when i put my moisturizer on it gets a little gooey in spots. i'm using dan's bp gel and the cetaphil moisturizer. am i not rubbing the bp in well enough or putting my moisturizer on too soon. my face feels completely dry when i put it on.
  7. do you use the powder foundation or the creme to powder? also do you use the setting powder? i'm new to this mineral makeup stuff, but interested.
  8. cleanse with cetaphil extra gentle cleanser wait to dry-apply dan's bp gel wait to dry-cetaphil daily moisturizer wait to dry-covergirl's simply powder foundation (best coverage i've found in a powder foundation) eyeliner, mascara, maybe some eyeshadow, maybe lipstick (big maybe:) )
  9. i have the same problem and i started using covergirl simply powder foundation. i still get a little oily by the end of the day, but nearly as bad as i used to.
  10. even without using the bp you should use sunscreen. i am not a doctor and cannot say for sure but i would assume that if you stop using bp your skin's sensitivity will lessen. go the faq page and it addresses the question of it causing cancer.
  11. what are you goning to use when you can't find the eucerin anymore? i plan on trying the eucerin (already bought a bottle) but have no idea what i would switch to if i end up liking it.
  12. i am loving simply powder foundation by covergirl. it's not cakey like the liquids can be, it's non-acnegenic, and the coverage is the best i have found in a powder foundation.
  13. i have been using the regimen for only 3 days and i have had no problem with the bp gel. i started out with just a little and when i had no reddness or anything i used a little more. i am at about 2/3 the full amount and wondering if i should just use the full amount since i am not having any problems with it. so far i am loving it.
  14. i just bough some online. use the link to drugstore.com or amazon.com carries it as well.
  15. are you supposed to only put the gel where you break out or over your entire face? i would assume only in the problem areas, but i want to be sure. i'm still waiting on the arrival of my gel so i haven't started yet. also, dan said he loves the eucerin lotion but advises not to use it at first until your skin gets used to the bp gel. what if i have been using salicylic acid products, do i still need to wait or is my skin tough enough?