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  1. because thats the side you sleep on?
  2. warm up your skin with a washcloth and then stick it!
  3. Retin-A can thin out the skin. I had a similar problem, pick one or the other. give your skin a break untill it heals... don;t overuse products because your skin CANNOT handle it.
  4. 302 also reduced my oil production. 302 soap and 302 drops
  5. you are too obsessed. just get used to the way you look and do your best.
  6. seems like Richard Huber needs to chime and defend himself at this point. He should start with where he heard about this forum in the first place?
  7. Seriously, people who think the 302 is a scam can stop now. You've made your point and unless you have something new to offer about this just stop posting how absolutly positive you are this is a scam. Some people feel they are getting postive results. I would rather read the results of people who are trying it. Time will tell us if this product is a total scam or not. lets just wait and see!
  8. Shame on anyone taking advantage of people on this forum. We will see the truth in three months when the treatment study results are posted.
  9. what insurance do you have that pays for smoothbeam, and how did you get them to pay for it? did you get a referral?
  10. I don't want to piss on anybodys parade but check out this link... http://www.quackwatch.org/01QuackeryRelate...pics/rwave.html
  11. Denise2 -- How would you compare the tca perfecting complex to a 40% lactic peel? I had some problems with the lactic peel because of my sensitive skin. I understand the fundamental differences between the TCA and AHAs, but do you feel the TCA perfecting complex is more or less harsh than a 40% lactic peel?