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  1. i can totally understand how prayer can work, its just like a placebo or just like positive thought, as that saying goes; you are what you think and you are what you believe.
  2. sounds like a phobia to me which having acne can cause, I know you want your treatment of acne but I wonder if you'd still have this prob even when your cleared of acne,... is there a free phobic centre you could go to in your area?
  3. well my acne is long gone now, had moderate to severe acne from 11-17, when i was bout 16 I found out you could actually go to the drs and get treatment, which cleared it up, prior to that i had been using creams, lotions etc. when my daughter turned 10 I started to worry about it, so i thought i'd do sum research on the treatments now etc and found this great site ne ways, yes it worried me and no im not worried bout it now, cause we basically nipped the problem right at the start, my girl
  4. damn that brings back memories. I think you've answered your own question when u stated you like her but you just want to be alone??? theres no point in going there (relationshipwise) if your gonna be holding back, so you need to be feeling good about yourself first. the thing is...is the acne dictating how ur friendships/relationships are going to be? or is it this girl, cause you could get yourself into a cycle.
  5. you better hurry up and find a fault of your friends to throw back at him, muwhahaha.
  6. oh well you got a sense of humour, thats gotta count for sumthing, and you know its important to pleasure a female, but since your penis isn't ideal you will have to use tongue from now on...for the remainder of your life.
  7. life goes on you know, if the friendship you had with that girl is important to you then start mending it, if not, then let it go, and stop beating yourself up over it.
  8. I haven't heard of anyone killing themselves over acne, and someone who did i doubt it would just have to do with acne. Acne obviously causes low self esteem and a low self image and that can lead to depression and thoughts of suicide but actual suicide.. i find it hard to believe.
  9. that suxs!!! why don't you introduce your parents to this site and get them to see the affects acne has.
  10. i totally agree with that, I think its to do. with abnormal skin...which causes acne. sumthing wrong with the skin of acne sufferers, its abnormal.
  11. ohhh i don't believe it, lol. its just stupid to link milk and acne. some peeps are lactose intolerant or dairy intolerant, but acne isn't normally associated with it, although it may irritate acne skin??
  12. there are various types of primers, mainly used to hydrate and leave a very light sealant over skin b4 applying makeup. Sum primers are also used to give radiance. I lurvve primer, and it really depends what type and label you get, I went to all the stores and asked for samples hehe. sum did nothing but make me look shiny, ne ways I like nepolians primer and bodyshops tinted primer that i wear when i just dont feel like wearing foundation, it gives a healthy looking complexion. ps: I t
  13. awwww hehe so sweet, i'd be alittle hesitant too, sounds like you two have been good mates for quite a while even at a distance so can be hard to work out wether its just friendship or more. touching leg thingee can mean nothing, and watching a movie...i do that with male friends..doesn't mean im interested or that they are. but like the others said wondering "what if" is not good, so ask her out and take it from there.
  14. yeah, i discovered this site around Jan this year, and really like it, and thought i'd be able to find out about new stuff etc... but the more I visit this site, there's alot of depressing stuff on here, esp peeps being afraid to do something more serious about their acne or scarring, and i wonder if its all the bad stuff peeps have to say about procedures. I mean it's important the feedback from peeps treatments, but you gotta do something for yourself, I wasted loads of money on topical