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  1. I will have to agree with Charlotte. I am more interested in the area the doctor is zapping at the time and making sure she zaps all areas that are scarred then counting how many times I am being zapped. I am going Thursday for my 2nd SB treatment I hope I do see more results after the 2nd treatment. Has anyone been zapped with a level 15? My derm started me on level 14 also can I put makeup on after the procedure. If for some reason I do get blisters how long do they take to heal? My scarring i
  2. I will being getting my second SB treatment Thursday I cannot see any results after the first treatment and it was level 14. It hurt but there was no redness or swelling. I did mention to my doctor I was a little concerned with blistering. She said she has not blistered anyone yet! Now listening to everyone whom have had this treatment seems as if the more aggressive treatment the better the results. All these treatments are great but I hate having to go through all this downtime. I am so tired
  3. Ok you're right I will wait a few more weeks for any type of results and I think I will do the same and get the zinc and vitamin C. I'm currently taking Vitamin A to help with breakouts. Any way I know better than this to be honest I did not notice any difference with my nlite and ilp laser treatments until after my 3rd treatment. I did buy from skin biology an acne scarring kit with different products to see which would help aid with scar improvement. I also bought the emu oil and super copper
  4. Stefany I too have ice pick scarring from cystic acne on cheeks only. after 4 cross treatments have any of your ice picks filled in and would you say have any somewhat disappeared? I have forwarded to my Derm some Doctors whom are currently performing this treatments and she has been doing research on this. Could you please tell me the name and give me a tel# to forward to my Derm. One Doctor I gave info on has not returned calls to my Derm yet. the more information she can possibly get the b
  5. I received my first smoothbeam on 9/6/03 so from what I am reading it seems as if I will notice some type of difference in 10 days because I don't notice anything right now except a little skin flaking. Ariel
  6. Whoa! 150 per treatment!! ok Ylem what area do you live? Whom is your doctor? I also have to agree with Niko, fromchicago I know how anxious you feel about these treatments believe me! Trying not to have such high expectations myself but again trying to stay positive. The reason for this is I had about 8 nlite procedures and the scars did not go away just help fill in a little and was happy for that because the scars did not look as rough anymore. :D/ Ariel
  7. fromchicago: That is exactly what I'm experiencing just slight flaking and after only 1 treatment and I will also have to confirm the info Niko gave about the Smoothbeam. :-k Only stating what my Derm told me about the settings, but I am glad the person whom used lower setting received such great results! Maya: I would go with Smoothbeam rather than going with Nlite. Ariel
  8. FromChicago: I am considering getting maybe 5 treatments, not only am I concerned about the scars but it will help for wrinkles too! My first treatment she used a setting of 14 and I had no problems. My Derm told me that if you use a setting of less than 12 you are just wasting your time. Trying to be positive ! Question?? Do you notice your skin is a little dry after the laster treatment. I have noticed mine is but it could be the sample face wash I received and have been using. Thanks.
  9. Not2bad: My ice pickscarringis just on my cheeks and are about medium scarring. yes I found a Derm in my area whom does the punch procedure but not sure of their experience yet. Ariel
  10. Hello and thanks for welcoming me to your messageboard. Well I have ice pick type scarring on my cheeks only which resulted in my late twenties from severe cystic adult acne. I had gorgeous skin in high school and well up until my late twenties. Oh well (sigh). It is about medium scarring only now due to about 8 nlite, ilp and cool touch treatments, but of course I still have the scars. I have read mixed reviews on the Smoothbeam. I am trying to be positive for myself since I just received my f
  11. Thanks Imbue!! I have a couple more questions. I will give my Derm Dr. Rapaport's info, He is a Derm also right and he is in New Jersey? Also so you say the area treated does scab and does it sort of swell in the area kind of like if you are getting a cyst and is it a bit itchy too? The reason I ask is because I just described the procedure to my Derm and she was excited and ready to give it a try right there and then. I am not even sure if it was done correctly. but again she used a 25 gauge
  12. Hello All! Maya you have had both tca and excision which worked best for you? Not2bad where in L.A. do you live? What Plastic surgeon did you find in your area whom does this procedure. I believe most Derms know how to do this procedure. My derm does this, but we are experimenting with the tca first and I am getting Smoothbeam done also. My derm is in the San Gabriel Valley area. It sounds to me though from Maya's experience that maybe the excision is a better way. I am glad you are happy
  13. Hi again! and many thanks for all your responses, help and support. I know people have described and walked us through the tca cross method but Imbue could you tell me how they inject what they use to neutralize and what do you follow up with on your face. Went to Doc today she is a doctor that I used to see for acne. Well she will be giving me 3 Smoothbeam and ILP RF laser treatments for free and she is willing to do the tca. We are playing guinea pig with my face. I also gave her the name and
  14. Hello I'm new to this messge board. I have a consult tomorrow for Smoothbeam. I would like to go aggessive even if I have to take a week off. Ebby how long did it take for the blisters to heal? The reason I ask is because I have had the ILP(photo facial) and cool touch and remember I had a light scar on my nose and for some weird reason the setting was to high when done and it blistered but, I made the mistake and did not call my Doctor. It took two weeks to heal but the scar disappeared. What s
  15. Thanks Maya and Dan and everyone else that has given their support and help. Again I am so glad I found this message board. I just found a Doctor whom uses Smoothbeam and have a consult tomorrow. Now I have heard both good and bad results from this Smoothbeam. I know it has helped some with the ice pick types scars and others it has not. I have hope, and if this does not work I will keep trying with other procedures and all your support . I have had the ILP laser done on my face but, this onl