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  1. has this helped you ^^^^ about how long does it approx take for each person to see effects? ive tried millions of things for my marks, yet they are still here after like 5 fricken years does ACV really work? i heard it makes your face red all the time though
  2. im talking bout red marks not acne lol. i dont have acne just tons of red marks and yes ive definitely seen people who exercise with acne, but none of them have red marks, because they have a better healing rate than i do
  3. im almost positive exercise is the answer. all i do all day is sit on my fat butt and feel sorry for myself. ive noticed NO ONE who is a sports nut or people who exercise a lot have NO red marks! i think if we all exercise more and get our circulation going our marks would fade faster.. it makes sense too, because our marks have to do with blood vessels, and exercising directly affects blood.. be honest, if you have marks, do you exercise regularly? im being true to myself and honest, i DONT
  4. so its been a week and they're definitely fading? congrats, i may try this if you continue to say ur marks are fading. how much do you think they've faded already? by half?
  5. i wonder if usingthe vit e oil is better (like the 35,000 IU oils or whatever) or if the capsule is better. doesn't the capsule have extra ingredients
  6. ^^^^^^^^^ how long have you had your red marks? ive had mine for years, so maybe yours are fading because they're just fading with time, but you think its the vit e capsules..??? maybe??
  7. omg seriously ^^^^ ? please post more... are you doing it 1x a day? have they DEFINITELY improved or could you just be imagining it? please post all the detail you can thanks!
  8. its because people who exercise regularly have a better healing rate, better circulation bettter bloodflow, everything heals faster. this is demonstrated in a study where it showed that athletes healed an average of 10 days faster
  9. bump... has this faded anyones red marks completely?
  10. im confused. people are talking about poking holes in the Vitamin E capsules and applying it on their red marks and people are saying it works pretty fast.. but also, at the store, there is something called 30,000 IU Vitamin E Oil (its varying amounts, somtimes 45,000 or 15,000) is this the same stuff as the Vitamin E oil in capsules? im thinking of using this stuff as a moisturizer hoping it'l fade the marks! thank for the comments!
  11. hi ive been wearing a diaper rash cream (desitin) with 40% zinc oxide on my face for the past 2 nites. i haven't noticed anything major but i think with another week of continuous use it could completely fade my marks. signs of zinc deficiency include skin problems and marks staying longer, as well as rough, unsmooth skin.. i think the high percentage 40% of zinc would really help..anyone tried using high percentages of zinc oxide on their skin?
  12. lol im not tryin to be mean but a cleanser cant really help with red mark...seriously, its only on your skin for a few seconds, and there are active ingredients in neutrogena oil free acne wash that fade marks...but whatever...
  13. but you're not answering our questions...which we care about the most! is this COMPLETELY fading your red marks? you HAVE to understand, you dont know HOW MANY TIMES i've read the exact phrase "omg its working im so happy" and i've fallen for MILLIONS of scams and treatments that do nothing! honestly, is this truly fading your marks, and fast?
  14. wait wait wait can someone please update and tell me... for those of you who have had red marks for years or a REALLY long time, are they DEFINITELY fading? like its not just your imagination? is this really completely fading some of your marks? after how long? im gonna try this tonite! wish me luck!
  15. im so upset, this method DID NOTHING for me... i was using the strongest taz gel .1% MULTIPLE times per day all that happened was my face turned SUPER SUPER BEET red for the longest time. i peeled sometimes, but it was just flakies and it was never really peeling...i was doing this for at least 2 weeks, i kept applying and applying and i would never peel, just turn more red. now im out of prescriptions and refills and im so depressed.....