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  1. They stay paid whether they help people or not so I don't expect too much out of them.
  2. It doesn't shock me to hear that certain civilizations and cultures acne is rare. Americans suffer from lots of diseases that are uncommon in primitive cultures because of our lifestyle. And it's true that not everyone who eats junk gets acne but it's also true that not everyone who smokes gets lung cancer yet it is still a catalyst.
  3. Everything you eat goes into your blood stream. And I bet a lot of those dyes and sweeteners are poison to some extent but like tobacco they lie about it because it's so profitable.
  4. I would bet good money that acne like some cancers was less common in the past due to lifestyle.
  5. I have had wool filled pillows for several months. Not only does air circulate through them but they actually pull moisture away so you don't ever get that clamy feeling. They don't seem to have any effect on my acne though. You know it sounds like sometimes were just trying to charm out bad spirits with weird rituals.
  6. Although I could *never* mock them seeing someone with severe acne is gross to me. And I've been through that. As for scars they always detract from someone's appearance especially women but I don't think they're that big of a deal unless they're rolling and deep.
  7. Well when was the last time doctors eliminated any disease? Smallpox, whooping cough? Docs just aren't good at curing things. ({|= But I'm becoming a big fan of the theory that there somehow was/is a cure but Neutrogena bought it for a million dollars and had it destroyed so they could keep selling their blemish creams forever.
  8. I've actually heard that before as it's not an uncommon practice in China for various ailments. And many people in Arabic countries believe in fasting - they've told me that when the body is forced to draw up reserves from lack of food things like tumors and cysts will simply be reabsorbed. And the post right above me has honey listed for a mask. What do you think honey is? Bee vomit.
  9. They're not schemers it's just they're trained to push pills as the sole treatment and will stay paid whether you get better or not.
  10. Would they have to pick a face from someone with a similar shaped skull so the features match up? I mean gosh, there's a lot variation in just mouth size alone.
  11. Now that is just painful to look at! I trust the guy in the photo must of had some sort of immune system disorder to be that badly infected?
  12. Its been my experience dermatologists don't vary much. They're all educated with the same material, licensed by the same govt, courted by the same drug companies and have a comfy monopoly.
  13. http://www.sundaytimes.co.za/2003/11/02/ne...rld/world03.asp US military furious at soldiers who converted and married Iraqis Two US soldiers in Baghdad face charges of dereliction of duty after they converted to Islam and married two Iraqi women in defiance of orders. Sergeant Sean Blackwell and Corporal Brett Dagen fell for two Iraqi translators. But few have empathised with the romances that began when the Americans met the women in the hotel that the soldiers were guarding.
  14. I went to two psychiatrists when I was high school. All they do is talk to me for a few minutes and write out perscriptions. I would tell them I got bullied, or had trouble with my dad and I didn't fit in and the answer was always "more drugs, more drugs". Useless - if not dangerous to me. If you're upset because your face is disfigured or get picked on no amount of psychotropic pills is going to change that. The antidepressants will only help is if you have a biological brain disorder like b
  15. Nearly every country has a long standing contempt for one of its neighbors. [-(