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  1. I've been on accutane for quite a while and have only ever taken the pills althogether at once, not splitting, I take 80mg a day which is 4 * 20mg tabs. Don't forgot to absorb them with some fat otherwise they'll loose effectiveness anyway. As for the initial break-out question, who knows ?, you could be very lucky and be one the people who will be 'cured' after the four month course but then again I think the majority do experience a period of breakouts so only time will tell.
  2. I too use an electric razor, can't reccomend them enough, very gentle and you don't even need to use any foam.
  3. Hey, I'm not sure if anybody would be able to give me an answer to this but here goes anyway ; I am considering surgery on my body, my chest to be exact, I have gynecomastia and have been on accutane for well over a year now. So my question would be... Will the roaccutane effect my reovery after this kind of surgery and will it mean I will be more exposed to scars during this surgery ? Thanks in advance.
  4. lilliman

    The past year

    The first pics are before I started accutane and the last few are recent while i'm still on it, been 1 year so far .
  5. Hey I've just returned from the doctors with another prescription of accutane for 10 weeks , I've already been taking accutane for around 7 months and have been taking 80 mg of the stuff for 5 months of the 7 so im getting abit woried, the derm seems satisfied to keep giving me accutane until im completely clear. I have moderate scarring around the face and severe scarring on my back which I fear will get worse and worse the longet Im on roaccutane, the active acne on my face is almost non exis
  6. happiness is a journey not a destination. Dunno where I got that saying from but I always remind myself of it when I get abit down, can't give you any real advice but good luck anyway I really know where your coming from.
  7. im not completely clear of active acne at the moment and dont think I will be in the next month , my face is probably 80-85% better but my body is only about 60%. What I was worried about was not taking the pills for 11 days straight and then having to let my body get used to them again because I am pretty sure the derm will give me another 10 weeks when I visit.
  8. the last time i used a cleanser i had tons of blackheads and whiteheads on my forehead, just water seems to have worked for me for the last few months so i'll probably stick with it. Im still undecided on the bio-oil, i have severe body acne and scarring so I might buy it and try it on a patch of my body for a few weeks first. Also just a side question... I noticed a big lump under my skin on the jawline at the left about a week ago, its only noticeable while running my fingers over it and ha
  9. what i wouldn't advise (if your male anyway) is asking one of parents to pick you one up if they get the chance, as I did with my dear mother. only after a few days of use did I realise the one she'd bought was not only strawberry flavoured but also colored ! I wondered why I was getting so many funny glances.
  10. At the moment I am taking accutane and have been for the last 6 months despite scarring I feel my acne is under control but I am really worried because I only have enough pills to last me until 11 days before my next derm appointment, I am in the UK and get my accutane on the nhs and basically they wont do much to help me any further than giving me the prescribtion when I visit so Im really stuck, this HAS happened before and they said don't worry the accutane stays in the system for 2 weeks whe
  11. i wouldn't think about having any major scar treatments until a year or so after accutance, I thought that bio-oil may be ok. do you think I should leave the bio-oil for a year aswell ?
  12. I think i'm going to try bio-oil , iv read up on it (http://www.bio-oil.info/, is this the right one ?) and like the sounds of it, I've sent them an e-mail anyway asking about my situation and using there product. im under no illusions though I still think i'll have to go for one of the more dramatic treatments, shame I have to wait so long !
  13. Hi, I would like some advice on my scars mainly how severe they, what type and how I can go about treating them. I am accutane at the moment and have been for about 6 months. These are the pictures I feel show the scarring at there worst although under alot of lighting they dont look as severe. http://cpanel33.gzo.com/~ghjdf5l/temp01236/spics/ All the pics can be found in this directory. Thanks in advance.