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  1. i've recently started a new job working at a fast-food joint. i have a few concerns: a) sweat. i sweat during this job. so far, i've been not doing the regimen beforehand because i'm terribly afraid of the bp coming out with sweat (and looking weird -- it's happened before) and/or bleaching clothes. what can i do about this? just wait until after work to do the regimen? only put on a very light layer of bp? b) timing... i'm wondering if waiting 16-18 hours between applications on som
  2. for anyone thinking about the regimen or on it and wondering if it's worth it: it's worth it. prior to the regimen, i was waking up and having to prick and pop and scratch at least one new zit a day, sometimes up to six or seven. redmarks, scabs, blood, inflamed skin, etc., everywhere. with the regimen, i only get zits if i skip a couple applications in a short period of time. otherwise, if i stick to the regimen (and i can usually skip an application a week), i don't get zits at all. i've
  3. depends on how thick it is, i would say. i haven't shaved in about a month, but my facial hair is weak. i would say that if the bp doesn't bleach your facial hair (it doesn't bleach mine) and you can get the bp down to the skin, it shouldn't be a problem. hasn't been for me. i have to put the bp on my hair at some points and do a bit of working-in to get it down to the skin, but it's worked like a charm.
  4. i've been on the regimen for... around ten months now, and it's keeping me clear as long as i stick to it 95% correctly. one of my complaints, however, is the redness, which i think is being caused by my Eucerin Skin Renewal moisturizer (I have really sensitive skin). I've been using it (mixed with cetaphil) both at night and day applications of the regimen, but want to cut it down to once daily use of the Eucerin. so which would be better, night or day use of the AHA, and why? i've heard th
  5. in conjunction with the CSR, i use slightly warm water (w/ csr cleanser) and very gently pat dry. for me, this means no more zits. what's your current regimen, anyway?
  6. i wash the remnants of bp off of my hands, and i guess it gets on the bottom of the sink... it leaves an orange circular stain that comes out after some scrubbing.
  7. don't get your hopes up too high, a breakout of whatever size may still come up... but it may not. it took me about 2.5 months to get clear, but once the results were lasting, it was awesome. hopefully you don't have to deal with this crap anymore, eh?
  8. Usually it takes me around 45 minutes to do. My skin hates absorbing things, so i spend at least five minutes each on BP and moisturizer, and the full fifteen between BP and moisturizer.
  9. i've accidentally gotten bp on various hairs on my face (facial hair, eyebrows, hairline) and i've not had any bleaching with it (dan's BP, that it). i've also been growing out my facial hair for about five days now, and ten BP applications later, they're still black. i have bleached towels/handtowels, shirts, sinks (cleanable bleaching on the sink, thank god, my mom was gonna kill me), etc. before, though. but it seems as if some people do get their hairs bleached... so just give it a go
  10. i shop almost exclusively at value village and other thrift stores... VV is especially good for finding really unique items. i can dress purdy snazzy thanks to that. i cringe whenever i see stupid, mass-produced, characterless t-shirts and stuff.
  11. same here. usually if a girl flirts with me, it's fine and dandy and all. but sometimes i'll be flirting with a girl and get this weird... sort of condescending vibe. like they're doing it just to tease me because they think they can because i'm fugly. but there's hardly any way to tell. don't worry about it.
  12. agreed. it may not be a fully conscious thing, but a lot of people have dumb ideas about acne (i.e. that people with acne must not be clean, don't take care of themselves, etc.) and will react negatively to acne without even realizing it.
  13. My love has a bit of acne on her forehead, occasionally some on her chin, and some blackheads on her nose. I don't even notice it unless I'm really looking for it. I don't give a damn if everything else is cool.
  14. Great idea. Do you have any idea of how much of a risk you'd be taking?