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  1. Never touch the ice with your bare skin. While on accutane it can instantly freeze your oil cells and you will have large pemanent scars.
  2. You have poor spelling. Do you know the meaning of stereotype?
  3. Accutane is a trademark, thats the difference.
  4. Hold your head under water for 15 minutes, that will help your dry skin. Guaranteed.
  5. i swapped from oratane to roaccutane and it was the same.
  6. try having sex with some you are really really attracted to. you might find yourself becoming wetter and wetter.
  7. you will get a tan in 10 minutes and it costs $20
  8. When you get the urge just drink water instead, that way you still have a bottle in your hand and are drinking something. Its like lollipops and cigarettes.
  9. creatine....waste of money and it tastes like crap.
  10. I had that on my scalp and the accutane cleared it. I used to get red itchy flaky skin around my nostrils and the accutane fixed that too.
  11. I paid $30 per box of tane and $65 for the derm visits. I have no insurance, the government covered me.
  12. I took accutane for 7 months. 40mg one day and 20mg every other day for about 5 months. Then 40mg a day for 2 months. Its cleared me up and im still clear.
  13. I agree with ross. You dont need to peel it open you just push the pill and it busts open the package. The pill wont bust open.
  14. I know a guy who used steroids. It gave him acne and bitch tits.
  15. I drank the night before a blood test and my derm said my blood tests were fine.
  16. You can get it from online australian pharmacies for $150
  17. You are so hot that i forgot your question!
  18. I had blackheads to the max on my nose and now they are gone. Its one of the best things accutane did for m.
  19. your derm just doesnt care by the sounds of things.
  20. ^^ Perhaps, but only as much as heavy excercising can. The acne would be the result of sweat and clogged pores from not showering -- not any particular facet of the MDMA chemical itself. No. You're wrong there.
  21. i binged most weekends when i was on accutane. my blood tests came back fine.