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  1. yea, todays not so different from yesterday. though i think my skin might be getting a little less oily (*crosses fingers) but i guess ill just have to wait and see. hopefully this breakout will end soon b/c my life has been crazy and i've been kind of grumpy lately and this is the last thing i need right now
  2. Day 10 so much for no Initial breakout....like i said my skin got really oily and now its going crazy. I have been WAY more whiteheads than i usually do and its really distressing. I mean i guess im being optimistic and thinking that hey, this might be the last bad breakout i ever have. thats exciting to think about, but it doesn't really make this any easier. Hopefullly it will calm down soon before i graduate highschool next week. If not...oh well. at least the summers almost here and i can
  3. K sorry i haven't replied for a few days but my life has been awfully hectic this last week. anyway, to the point Day 7 Yay, one week down, too many to go. I honestly haven't really seen that much of a difference yet. My acne overall has been doing a little better i suppose, but i dont think thats b/c of the medicine yet. I've really just been having a few small pimples every day, not really any bad spots. Of course i noticed a few hours ago that a cyst has begun to show up on left upper ch
  4. DAy 2 not much to report obviously. There are a few small pimples coming up, but nothing that bad yet. Hopefully that steroid my derm gave me will work and prevent my IB. My skin already feels kind of dry, which is strange. I didn't think it would work so quickly. Of course it was al ittle dry before hand...
  5. DAY 1 K, i took my first pill today so obviously nothing yet to report. THe steroid she gave me has a really bad taste though, but hey as long as it works like its supposed to i dont care. As for my face as i start the tane adventure, its not too bad right now. Theres only a few active sites , though there is this really nasty sore-like place under my right eye from this retarded cyst i had a few days ago. yeah, its not pretty but it seems to be healing anyway, so off i go
  6. Alright, so i went to my derm this morning. I've decided that i would just start tommorow instead of waiting three weeks. She said that she's going to start me on 20mg and give me a steroid to help prevent the IB, and that i shouldn't have a problem with it(i really hope she is right). I was actually kind of upset when she said she would start me out at 20mg b/c i thought that higher doses meant more success(yet worse side effects) but then she explained to me that its about reaching a total amo
  7. Hello. I will be starting Accutane either in two days or in 3 weeks(ill explain that in a bit) and i decided to make a log for many reasons. One hopefully this log will help me along the way and yall can give me encouragement and advice on what to do and what not to do. Also i want to be able to read this when my treatment is done and realize just how far i have come. I am 17, will be turning 18 in about 5 weeks. I have had acne for about 5-6 years and i am completely fed up with it. I can't s
  8. its probably best if you never stop moisturizing, it keeps your skin healthy and will prevent future breakouts
  9. hmmm...i think ill just start running again, but make sure i shower right afterwards
  10. geez, AC3 you have a real attitude problem. just because accutane isn't working like you want it to, dosen't mean that you have to go to every single topic about accutane and try and make the topic creators feel bad...just lighten up, if accutane doesn't work for you, too bad, it works for most people...just lay off
  11. Nah, the redness "sunburned redness" that is, affects your "red marks" also. Making them redder. It also impairs your ability to heal and fade those red marks. In overal, your red marks will be worse than they are now. during the treatment, yes you will probably look like a lobster, but im pretty sure that afterwards your skin starts to heal itself and the redmarks fade
  12. so retinae is actually working for you? when i took it it did absolutely nothing for me
  13. you look a lot better! you should be clear by the end of your treatment
  14. theres a difference between "red marks" and "redness" you are supposed to look like you are sunburned while on tane, but im pretty sure the red marks left over from older acne is supposed to fade, especially once the course is over
  15. i have the same problem. i just started dating for the first time in November, and i must say i like this girl A LOT...she claims that im "devastatingly handsome"(which if it wasn't for my acne i might believe) but it completely destroys my confidence...i actually have lied and claimed i was busy before b/c of my acne, and it made me feel terrible. i've never actually talked to her about it though...but i like her sooo much, i honestly think we might soul mates, but i better not get ahead of my