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  1. Hi Guys Just wondering if anyone knows of good acne clearing body wash in the UK? The choices seem very limited in the uk. I am currently using Panoxly 10 wash, which is really meant just for the face as you get such a small ammount but it seems to be working quite well. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks
  2. Hi I have exactley the same problem, Ive been using Dans BP for about 3 weeks now twice a day and whilst it does seem to make a difference it is definately not clear. Thinking about going to the doctor about it now. Maybe someone here could offer us both some advice?
  3. Hi I have been taking Omega 3 pills for quite some time now I think they do help me quite a bit but I was wondering for acne is it important to take fish oils with everything in them or am I ok just sticking with my Omega 3s? it would be great to hear what pills the people are taking which are helping them to become clear. Many thanks
  4. Hi Ive got pretty mild but annoying acne and I think I'm gonna try the regiem problem is I dunno which BP to use. I have pretty sensitive skin and i want something which will absorb well. I have read alot of the posts in here and it seems my options if I cannot get dan's BP are either Oxy on the spot or Panoxy, If anyone has used either can they please tell me the advantages/disadvantages of each? I guess the cost of this stuff is going to be a pain as in the regiem it sais to use a lot but y
  5. Thanks for the reply dude, really appreciate it
  6. basically I was wondering if its ok to take Omega 3 capsules whilst taking accutane. I remember reading a couple of sources a while back saying not to take vitamin A whilst on accutane. I can't find any decent documentation of this anyway, so any ideas if fish oil is ok?
  7. well I was cured for a while but its come back not as bad but still confidense bashing. I'm seriousley thinking of going back on it, I'm gonna give my body 2 weeks to see what happens but if its still bad I'm gonna jump back on. I would like to say I had no bad side effects and I was drinking lots of alcohol, smoking and eating junk food. I'm not reccomending you do the same but if youre gonna self med I think its best to have a plan stick to it and try not to mess it up. I missed dosages left
  8. Excuse me but will someone please tell me where these warnings are "avoid alcohol"? I haven't seen any warnings anywhere about this, is it something new? Thanks
  9. Hey I got a tattoo done about 8 weeks after accutane and i got sensitive skin, no problems at all
  10. Hi Wibble Thanks I will definately have to try out the lip balm, I know all about accutane this is my second round, acne came back 3 months later this time im doing 20 weeks of 80mg a day last time i built up to 80 mg and that wasn't too bad. What dosage are you taking by the way?
  11. Hi guys I'm going on a second course of 80mg a day I was wondering if you which are the best UK products I can get to help with the side effects. If you can send me some links please that would be great. Before I used medicated lip balm from boots and euracin moisturiser. CHeers
  12. 30 days on 20mg/d completed 30 days on 40mg/d completed day 5 on 60mg/d Eeeeek I thought i would write an update as I have noticed myself getting a few spots, I think maybe my body is having problems adjusting to this higher dose and just when i was soo used to being clear. I got one on my shoulder, lower back and 2 on my head, also some of my greasy skin has came back. Fingers crossed this is only a minor distrubance.
  13. 30 days on 20mg/d completed 30 days on 40mg/d completed day 1 started on 60mg/d right Im absolutely fine, dryness is the only problem which I'm getting around ok. My diet has been bad lately I'm trying to eat healthily now and exercise to get a decent shape sorted. I got a couple of spots on my face sure to not washing and drinking lots of alcohol and eating crap. But suprisingly my back is completely clear so HORAH!!! Peace out yall!
  14. hehe no chance! I don't want people to know who i am. 30 days on 20mg/d completed 21 days on 40mg/d Day 51 my calculations on the time are messed up i missed pills here and there and i have 9 days left of 40mg/d I think lol Anyway nothing new to report my lips are dry and so is my face. I'm going to buy some moisturiser but i have no idea which one to buy. probably a night cream. If anyone can reccomend anything let me know please.
  15. 47 days 30 days on 20mg/d completed 17 days on 40mg/d I must admit im really tempted to stop writing this log as nothing is happening lol. I'm clear all over practically. Im using real accutane by the way, why risk using cheap stuff especially if you are self medicating. Honestly I wish I had something interesting to say sorry!