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  1. After posting here I took some painkillers and the pain quickly went away. I've been taking painkillers everytime I apply and I'll stop taking painkillers after a week I guess. Thanks
  2. Hi guys I've been following mandelic acid since it was first posted here and i've been meaning to get it for absolutely ages. I finally ordered some as i found a UK Seller finally! Anyway I just applied some about 5 minutes ago. Application was with my fingers. Is it supposed to be stinging my face like this? One of the reasons why I got this product was because glycolic acid stung my face so much. I have very sensitive skin. The mandelic solution is only 10% and the stinging has died down si
  3. I have reason to believe that the article you've posted is over one year old. The site also has no credentials and has no purpose giving out medical advise especially of which should be taken seriously. Find me an article about the banning on an actual medical journal or credible site and i'll give you a better reply. Right now it's not even worth my time. *yawn*
  4. Everybody listen to this guy and start scratching your face repeatedly to accomplish clear beautiful skin! To speed things up you may want to try a knife. Count your scars later melbournebloke.
  5. It works well without spreading infection yet you've just claimed you have blackheads all over your body by the sounds of it! Maybe you should relook your theory. Maybe you should try reading some books and spend less time scratching your balls. Oh and shaving isn't a natural process it's something man has incorporated into their daily routines.
  6. You do know that your finger nails are completely composed of dead cells right? There will always be bacteria there so for you to claim they are completely clean is kind of...well...stupid, but i expect nothing less from you.
  7. I totally believe in body morphing infact I'm a huge sylvester stallone fan and a purchaser of the instone products. However I don't see the relevance of it in this discussion.
  8. It would actually be more plausable if you said long nails as you'd have more accurate precision as to what part of your skin you'd like to irritate.
  9. Don't forget the old guy with the fat body into the dangerously low body fat percentage body! Oh...wait...no...that was another topic.
  10. You're avoiding the subject that scratching is GOOD for your skin? As for the blackhead suction, it sounds to me like you bought one and got ripped off. That would explain the source of your anger and obsession. Anybody else think he's shaking worse than Michael J. Fox?
  11. The colour of a blackhead is not due to dirt pile on top of it. Go get some education. Is this your complete argument? I thought you were trying to convince us that bp causes cancer and that we should all leave in fear of the cosmetic companies. Not entirely sure why you've bought the pigment colour of the condome into this topic but I do hope you're not denying that dirt and oil will revive the blackhead? shmelis did provide you with a lot of links in another topic, maybe you shou
  12. Getting back to the original point, scratching actually irritates your skin and many animals are designed not to scratch their skin at all. Cats and dogs do scratch themselves from time to time but then you have to ask why? Well usually it's because their skin is already being irritated by a parasite. A blackhead isn't a skin irritant as such though. Okay it is irritating to us. However blackheads are not infectious and getting one doesn't mean you'll get others. It's simply a blockage in your
  13. When you remove a blackhead due to light exfolication you're not actually removing it. You're breaking off the tip of the head where it bulbs out. You're still leaving the majority of the blackhead inside your pore. As the dirt piles back on top you'll have the blackhead again within a few days. No offense 'Melbournebloke' but I think i'll trust my medical education and dermatologist rather than some internet acne geek. As for benzoyl peroxide causing cancer... Everybody here has been urged