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  1. Well my first flush was pretty unsuccessful...i tried the coke flush and i could not get the mixture down (6 oz of oliveoil is way too much)..i had a little over 2 oz left of the mixture..this is probably why it didnt go so well...also i went to bed at 10pm but feel asleep at 3 or so....now this morning i tried taking some magnesium citrate but that stuff is awful and i could only take small doses at a time (im still only half way done)...i havent had a bowel movement all day (or last night)....
  2. james - a coffee enema to put it bluntly is boiling water with coffee added to it, letting it cool, and then using an enema tube letting it go through your poopchute into your body...it circulates throughout your intestines and whatnot and then you expel it...enemas are used this way to get the junk stored in your intestines out...with coffee added its more beneficial because like jaz said it stimulates your liver... if your asking about the liver flush, that is a procedure to get rid of stones
  3. are you talking about the lemon tea that comes in teabags? if so i dont think thats as beneficial as squeezing a fresh lemon into water...i love green tea as well and i must drink it in the morning because if i drink it midafternoon-night i can never get any sleep (caffiene)...its weird though because when i used to drink soda at night it never kept me up..
  4. dr bronners castille soap is great..i get the peppermint kind..
  5. uh...ok... seems fine...not really much to it...is there a healthy lunch in there somewhere? also on weekends you might not want to sleep too late because it might disrupt your sleeping pattern...for example lets say you wake up at noon on sunday..since you wont be too tired you might not be able to sleep at 9:30 on sunday (that night) in order to get up at 6:00am on monday..get me? if your working out i also suggest 6 small meals a day instead of 3 large ones...
  6. jaz arent you worried about being too dependent on them if you do them once a week? btw hooray for pyrex! i forgot i had some pyrex glass pot..im going to use that
  7. oh..i just reread your first post..i also see your using Maxwell House coffee..ive been reading up on it more and they all say to use organic..i guess Maxwell is just as effective? or maybe for you? maybe you should try switching to organic and see if theres a difference... also in terms of using a coffee maker i also read that using filter paper can dilute the coffee too much..thats why they say to boil it in a saucepan or pot... hmm but i guess if you've been using non-organic AND making i
  8. btw i know this sounds stupid but it says to not use aluminum pans to heat the coffee enema (as some of it will get into the mixture)...but most pans are made of aluminum right? i have the heavy black ones with the coating on it...thats probably made of aluminum right? am i safer buying a stainless steel one?
  9. yeah i just ordered a pound from sawilsons.com they have their own organic blend made just for enemas...sounds weird but i would rather use that than having to search for one in a health food store and wonder if its the right kind...im doing the coffee enema this friday btw
  10. lol i wouldn't mind if the comments were funny.. unfortunetly...they are not. thanks again jazmella...ill let you know how it goes...ill probably go through with it by the end of the month
  11. oops i meant coffee enema jazmella thank you very much! your input is very much appreciated...and dont worry about being too detailed...thats just what i was looking for im more at ease now about doing it...i just hope im able to do it to myself without messing up...from what i read you should insert it like 1-2 inches right? and yes mishmosh this is just an excuse to stick things up my anus...i used to stick random things up there but enemas give me a legitimate excuse mcdadez its like
  12. im preparing for a coffee flush because im going to liver flush soon... any experienced enema users have advice for me? im planning on getting the 12 buck enema kit at walgreens...i heard its hard to clean though because the opening is very little...anyone used that 30 buck stainless steel bucket one from that yoga website? also i think im going to get my coffee from that sawilsons.com site....how many enemas will a pound cover? anyone have exp using their coffee? its the only brand ive seen o
  13. well this is directed more toward the people who have gotten colonics....have you noticed that you dont get colds anymore? i remember reading that a colonic is like a cure for the common cold as you will never get a cold again as long as you get them regularly (once or twice a year)....i was thinking of this as i recently got a cold (and the worst sore throat ever)...maybe colonics will get rid of all this mucus in me.... any thoughts?
  14. evigrex is right.... running long distance will hinder your progress if your looking to gain muscle... ever notice how long distance runners are stick figures and short distance runners are always jacked? anyway back to the topic: i agree running is a great stress reliever but in my experience it has not had any affect on my skin