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  1. so did you start skintactix?

  2. Your regimen looks pretty good so far; the only thing I see that you might want to do differently is your use of the baby's hairbrush in conjunction with the Paula's Choice 2% BHA Gel. You should only use one exfoliant at a time. Both Clinique and Neutrogena make good sunscreens; which specific Neutrogena sunscreen are you using? I really don't know that much about the relationship between diet and acne, but I don't doubt that a certain diet can help some people. Anyway, so long as you don't
  3. Not to point out the obvious or anything, but fish oil caps are NOT vegan. For a vegan source of Omega 3, you can eat flax seeds (make sure you grind the seeds first otherwise they will not be digested-- try a clean coffee grinder, that works well. Also, flax seeds/oil are highly unstable, so buy small quantities and keep it in the fridge.) or flax oil or walnuts. There are also VegCaps available from Health From the Sun if you prefer a capsule to take. I don't know how much you know about v
  4. do you get acne? I ask because it makes me wonder if using water alone clogs pores. I hear it does. Do you use warm or cold water?
  5. well i live in south florida (constant humidity and heat) and i find washing my face with cleanser in the morning, then splashing my face with water and patting it with a towel late afternoon, and then cleansing once again at night, is sufficient.
  6. i built up my own little regime. please tell me how you feel. i did incorporate a lot of paula's choice products because i quite enjoyed the samples that i ordered and some of the other drugstore products you reccommended are not sold near me. however, here is my regime i am beginning as soon as my paulas choice products arrive in 3-7 days, morning: -wash face with lukewarm water and with Paulas Choice skin balancing cleanser on a baby's hairbrush (to gently exfoliate and slough away any dead s
  7. Yes. thanks for replying! by closed comedones i mean those flesh colored bumps, i believe i have the right name for it. thanks again for your help.
  8. I know when you extractions done by an esthetician, they can extract blackheads. However, are they able to extract closed comedones as well?
  9. Lactic acid is a relatively gentle AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) .... these exfoliate the surface of the skin. I use it to get dead skin off my face. Others on this board have had great success with glycolic acid, another AHA, for getting rid of redmarks. I personally don't consider AHAs on their own to be all that effective against acne .... but they work very nicely in combination with other active products. I was looking at your regime and was relieved to see that AHAs and BHA can be used
  10. Personally, I am skeptical of the concept of jumping into an entire skincare routine from one vendor ..... often you get at least one unnecessary product and sometimes more. I think it's best to start with one active product, get your skin accustomed to it, and then add another if you really need it. Also, I always suggest starting with samples. Why don't you sample some of Paula's cleansers and 2% BHA products to start with. See what you like and how your skin responds, and then build upon
  11. Hi! Thanks so much, by the way, for making this thread. it is such a huge help. Background: I'm 15 years old with moderate acne. There are red spots, lots of blackheads, lots of flesh colored bumps, some icepick scarring on cheeks and deeper small hole-ish scars scattered in some areas that a little foundation hides for the most part. There is also active acne, though the whiteheads/pustules are small and I seem to end up with new pimples every morning. The skin on the corners of my nose is dry
  12. thanks for the help guys. i think i may stick with trying paulas choice. everyone seems to love it. and plagued, i'm not too worry about kissing my gf as i am female. haha. just thought i'd mention. but i knew what you meant.
  13. i have never used clearogen but i have heard only good about it same. i was cinsidering ordering that or trying paula's choice, because i'm using philosophy's bp free acne kit. it works fairly well and has cleared up my skin, but there seems to be a new pimple every 2 days and doesn't really help with preventing.
  14. http://www.clearogen.com/images/Box%20Standing%201.jpg it's just a picture of the clearogen acne products. has anyone ever tried this? the few reviews there are seem promising. http://www.skincareinfo.com/images/product...taway_67514.jpg the few reviews i found on this were also pretty positive, it's called 101E Acne Getaway
  15. I have been off these boards for a few months now, finding that all of the things I have tried (proactive,vitamins, bp gel,etc..) have only made my skin worse, now making it quite dry in certain areas. I have mild to lightly moderate oily/combination teenage skin, blackheads and a pimples being my main problem. I decided to give my skin a bit of a break from everything and just go easy on it for a few months. I simply used warm water then splashed it with cold water about 2-4 times a day, when