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  1. Hey guys, I've made some changes in the products and procedure compared to my last post and have earned much better results! Here is my version of Dan's regimen: Cleansing: "Dermowas Compact Seife" (from the apothecary) BP and Jojoba oil: "Sanoxit 2,5%" (apothecary) and "alva Jojoba-Oil" (apothecary) -> 5 Minutes after the cleaning I apply about 3cm of Sanoxit mixed with one drop of Jojoba-Oil to the skin Moisturizer: "Biodroga Puran Formula 24-Stunden-Pflege für unreine, trockene Haut"
  2. Hey guys, here are some options for the "german regime": A perfect 2,5%-BP gel is "Sanoxit 2,5%". You can buy it at the apothecary. What is known as "Eucerin Skin Renewal" in the US is the "Eucerin Unreine Haut Creme-Gel" in Germany. I've tried it, but unfortunately for my skin it doesn't moisturize enough. You can order "Purpose Dual Treatment Moisturizer" through the internet, for example at www.care-line.biz , also the other Purpose Products. The disadvantage is, that you might have to wa
  3. I found it in a german mailorder drugstore. If you enter "purpose". http://www.care-line.biz/index.php
  4. I found out that not just Eucerin but also Purpose offer an Alpha Hydroxy moisturizer. Unfortunately I don't know if it contains lactic acid or any other kind. Has anyone made experiences with that Purpose moisturizer? I'm using the regular Purpose moisturizer right now but I think that my skin is still quite dry (flakiness around my mouth) so I would like to try the other one.