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  1. Should I just try M2 Skin Care HP Skin Refinish 20% in other words MaMa lotion?
  2. I don't know if this picture is helpful at all... I ask people to compare my scars to the link on Dan's web site for scars and mostly said I had the Boxcar scars... I took this picture in different lighting.
  3. Thanks. What level (mm)? did you use on the dermaroller? I plan on using the highest recommended level 1.5mm.
  4. I'm looking at Dr. Roller 1.5mm from Amazon, it's $79 which is not bad to help bring my confidence back. I see that it's recommended to only be used once every 4-5 weeks. Does it hurt? Will it work? How long before I see results? What else can be used in combination to help with the end results? Any creams/lotions that are super beneficial with this? Will I ever be able to have smooth skin again without scars? Should I look at other options and forget about derma rolling?
  5. After Accutane I've been Acne free for nearly 2 years thank god and happy but I'm still suffering from severe scarring as you can see from the picture, my face looks almost burned... I need to know what type of scarring I have and what are my available treatment options? Picture is taken with phone and camera flash, so no other light is there to cause any kind of diffusion. Thank you! I don't think it is ice pick scarring but somewhere mixed with rolling/boxed scars... I've recently been hear
  6. Sparty, im looking for the stuff for MEN only, and some place that can ship the stuff to me in Canada. #-o Is that all MEN's ? cuz if it isn't, it'll look like makeup and less concealer, lol Thanks, avio
  7. P.S, its really hard for me to find the color of my skin on the internet, can you gals and guys help me find my color from dermablend? If I'm using "Twany" from Cover Girl http://covergirl.com/cgcollection/face/con...invisible.jhtml Then which color would I be using for other products? MY OILY SKIN IS THE BIGGEST PROBLEM, MY SKIN SHINES ALL DAY MAKING IT STAND OUT and that sucks for me!!! ](*,) Also, I need the following Items from Dermablend or other place for MEN: - Concealer
  8. Thanks for replying guys, and I also do think that The marks are being caused by the Tetracyline, I have taken yet another appointment with my Dermatoligst to see what to do about these marks. I have no acne what so ever on my body (THANK GOD), its just my face and thats what makes it so hard. I'm going for the time being try some of the Concealers that you have recommend, and as well find a solution so the problem doesn't get worse by the time im older. I started using SP-15 a couple of days
  9. I'm currently using this product "http://covergirl.com/cgcollection/face/concealers/invisible.jhtml" the Tawny Color. Also, there are no products listed for men on that page. Thanks scratchcat
  10. Thanks scratchcat, but I think that totally looks like for women and could it easily be said that i am wearing makeup, you don't know how it is in school, so tuff for a guy wit not good skin, if you don't have a good rep and u don't fit in, studying seems useless, who wants to study when they feel every1 stares at there face and thinks stuff inside. REP + FIT IN, THEN STUDY COMES.
  11. Can you please suggest a good concealer that won't look like makeup and won't ware-off by the end of school day from sweat and stuff? Also will hide my marks, make my skin look natural... price doesn't matter as long as the product is water proof and helps acne also. WHAT I NEED: Concealer: Won't make me breakout or anything, won't mess with my acne only hide it, water proof, won't wear off for say 6-12 hours, and so people don't say I am wearing makeup in SCHOOL.
  12. I feel you guys, I'm gonna start wearing Concealing makeups for only the very very ugly ugly marks, so my face looks normal and not like a friggin shit head. I HATE ACNE!!!! ](*,)
  13. please help me, im 15, Male, and im very very stupid and popped almost all my pimples which has left me with some terrible terrible marks, then i found out it was bad, guess its too late now, but.. im using Tetracyline to take care of my acne and it seems to be good so far, but my face has alot of and i mean alot of Marks (Dark Brown Spots) on my face, all over. It feels awful, everywhere I go it feels like people give up everything to stare at my ugly face. Well, I have showed it to my Dermatol